Eric Hebborn was the most successful art forger this century. By his own account he passed off some 1, paintings and drawings. The story of one of the most prolific art forgers of the 20th Century. Eric Hebborn, Self: Omnibus. Eric Hebborn was born in in South Kensington, London, England. He died on January 11, in Rome, Italy.

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Accessibility Links Skip to content. But there is a problem today in that drawing has all but disappeared from the training of fine artists.

Eric Hebborn

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Experts familiar with his work believe these Old Master forgeries are by Hebborn though he never admitted to creating these particular drawings in his lifetime. Balfour-Oatts believes that Hebborn had not completed them before his death. Like other forgers, Hebborn found his talents better suited to creating works from a bygone era; in his case the Renaissance and Baroque periods. Events from history when animals took centre stage.

Mystery bidder buys the forger Eric Hebborn’s key to fakes in top museums | The Times

Will Korner of ALR said: When contemporary critics did not seem to appreciate his own paintings, Hebborn began to copy the style of old henborn such as: During his employ he was instructed not only to restore paintings, but to alter them and improve them. Stories of endurance, world records and remarkable athletes.


He claimed he created between to 1, drawings efic the styles of dozens of Old Masters, interspersing them with the thousands of legitimate works he handled as a dealer. Eric Hebborn born in London [1] 20 March — 11 January was an English painter and art forger and later an author.

In Hebborn admitted to a number of forgeries — and feeling as though he had done nothing wrong, he used the press generated by his confession to denigrate the art world. You are currently logged out. Eric and his lover Graham David Smith [3] also frequented a junk and antique shop near Leicester Squarewhere Eric befriended one of the owners, Marie Gray.

Sun 2 Dec His partner, Smith, sells several of these drawings to their landlord to cover rent as well as to Bond Street galleries. Excerpt from Eric Hebborn: See all episodes from Witness. Two oak galls in a beaker and a jar of iron II sulfate, ingredients of iron gall ink. In a curator bebborn the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC, Konrad Oberhuberwas examining a pair of drawings he reic purchased for the museum from Colnaghian established and reputable old-master dealer in London: Media and art market alerted about the forgeries, but Hebborn is not mentioned by name.

He spoke openly about his ability to deceive supposed art experts who for the most part were all too eager to hebborj along with the ruse for the sake of profit.


Retrieved 2 December The trouble is he’s too good’. He was one of the most prolific art forgers of the 20th Century.

Eric Hebborn – IMDb

He created recipes for various pigments that mimicked the look of age. Alice Beckett states that she was told hebborrn Views Read Edit View history. A falling out over Eric’s knowledge of painting and restoration destroyed the relationship between Aczel and Hebborn. Order by newest oldest recommendations. The communities, politics, leaders and events that have shaped Africa Browse the collection. Enters the Hbborn Academy of Arts, London, supporting himself by teaching anatomical drawing.

The prize allows him to live at the British Academy in Rome for two years. The murder remains unsolved. Egic update your billing details here. He suspects that, long after being unmasked, Hebborn was still producing forgeries. An art dealer in Rome who purchased several Old Master drawings at auction began to suspect their authenticity.

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