The Dialog IP Office is a feature-rich IP phone offering the functionality needed for users working in office environments. It is also well suited as a convenience. Dialog IP Office. IP Telephone for MD Evolution. Communication System and . Ericsson Enterprise certified sales partner. Purchase the Aastra Ericsson Dialog IP Office Telephone from a UK Supplier for £ ex VAT. Fast Delivery. Call Now or Buy Now.

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A collective name for Line 1, Line 2 and Inquiry lines. If Voice Mail is included in the activated profile, always update your greeting with Absence Information. The extension number that was used fofice the last log on is automatically shown.

The list is cleared if power failure occurs, if another user extension number logs on to the same phone or if eridsson reset the phone. Dialog is an IP telephone conforming to the H.

Texts that are not underlined, are designations for fixed keys and cannot be changed.

Ericsson Dialog 4422 IP Office

The display shows the identity of the computer and the number of pffice stored for you. The last external number is automatically redialed. The display on the other person’s extension shows the reason, officce if entered, time or date of return. Page Installation Install pull-out leaf optional Remove the protective film from the guiding rails. Click the underlined number or code for the key to be changed.


Special offers OfficePhoneShop have regular special offers on all our phones and phones spares. The default password is Welcome.

Cancel for another extension Dial, enter the extension number and press. If not, calls might end up unanswered. The Time Format menu is framed.

Idle mode The state your phone is in when nothing is activated; not calling, not ringing, not forwarded etc.

The telephone is always logged on with a default number. Headset with Group Listening loudspeaker Dialog v. Dial your mailbox number. Press to store the framed language. Dial and enter the extension number. The Minus key is used to remove a wrong entry. Replace the handset or press to end the call. Jim Lift the handset and press the Monitoring key. For the Dialog v. To cancel Headset Preset: After a self test, the phone is ready for use or ready for log on.

Cancel from answering position Dial, enter your own extension number and press. The time format is changed. You can only change the way the date format is presented on the display.

Click to delete the list. Press to confirm within four seconds.

Keep the phone ericszon from excessive heat and moisture. There are different procedures depending on the type of Authorization Code, or when an Account Code is used.

Ericsson DIALOG User Manual | pages

Using soap or any other cleaning materials may discolor or damage the phone. Press – to correct a wrong entry. Tone characteristics The tones shown in this section are the most used tones worldwide. Ericsson Enterprise AB All rights reserved. You might need up to 15 seconds to react and answer a call on a desk or cordless phone and 20—25 seconds for a mobile phone.


Ericsson Dialog IP Office DBC 02/E

Indicates the subject to be called or selected in the list. Its alliance of features and facilities effectively improves communications for virtually any kind of organization.

Got it, continue to print. The displayed number is automatically erased when you start dialing. Alarm Extension An extension can dialo programmed by your system administrator as an Alarm Extension. This takes about 60 seconds. For Dialog v.

Ericsson DIALOG 4422 User Manual

Page 50 Replace the handset to leave the conference. If you want to delete an entry when you are in the Call list: Depending on the functionality of your telephone system, you can have either one individual single search profile standard or you can choose between five individual search profiles optional. Our details can be found on the contact page. You are called back recall ring signal when the ongoing call is finished or the next time a new call is finished. When only one single wall terminal for the local network is available, a PC can be connected to “PC” to be connected to the network via the phone.