Eurit and swissvoice. Views. 6 years ago. Handset, · Message, · Base, · Station, · Machine, · Messages, · Answering, · Telephone, · Calls, · Settings. comfortably yours best-in comfortably yours best-in-class swissvoice Eurit swissvoice. Eurit and Cordless ISDN telephone DECT User Guide Important: This guide contains safety notes. Please read it before using your telephone and keep .

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The provider option “Always”, can only be activated for one provider.

Page 69 Service functions Selecting providers Note: Page 17 Setting up the telephone and putting it into service Inserting the back plate 1. As proof of the date of purchase, please retain the receipt or, after it has been fully filled out by the retailer, the guarantee card that is at the back eurut the operating instructions General information Guarantee Cleaning Your product is covered by a guarantee that is in accordance with the legal provisions of the country in which you purchased the product and which runs from the date of 5535.

Internal calls Making calls between two handsets Paging from the base station From the base station you can page i. Setting up the telephone and putting it into service Suitable location Range Your telephone is designed for normal use in domestic and office buildings. Einstellungen Sprache Ansage Y Deutsch Provider 1 Option specified in the directory entry.


If the volume is set to 3 or higher and the function “Increasing” is off, on the 1st and 2nd ring the handset ringer will sound To bar the remote access function, enter the remote access PIN “”.

Available in a glossy black, white or striking red, this eye-catching cordless analogue device from Swissvoice boasts the latest energy-saving and low emission technologies. Select “Unanswered” or “Answered”. Eufit melodi 1 Bruker B: Quick reference user guide Directory entry 1.

Mobile phone SWISSVOICE EURIT – Preview manual for free | Page: 1

Please read it befor e using. Send Inbox Outbox Unsent Gateway no. You can select one of 3 noise levels. Tast inn telefonnummer eller 1. It is assumed that you have read and understood what you are purchasing prior to submitting order for this item.

Table of contents Quick reference user guide Page 2 Dear customer Thank you for purchasing one of our products. Page 14 Contents of package Contents of package Your package contains the following: Some PBXs automatically insert the public access code for an incoming call.


Service functions Resetting the directory Service functions This procedure deletes the directory entirely: Directory Dialling from the directory 1. If the message is not for the current user, the handset returns to the standby state after OK has been pressed. Batteriet lades a konstant: Displaying new messages Delete As soon as any new incoming messages have been recorded on your answering machine, this is shown in the display.

Anropsliste Ubesvart Besvart Slett liste Merk: Sett vingen inn i sporet til basestasjonen og trykk den fast med lett trykk.

Swisscom Swissvoice Eurit 525 535 555 Handset Hand Set With Shell Loading

This base is compatible with the following phones: Ringe opp fra anropslisten 1. Using several handsets Logging a handset onto another base station GAP Logging another handset onto the base station GAP To log your handset onto a third-party base station other base stationthe handset must support the GAP generic access profile.

Du blir koblet opp. Avslutte megling Du foretar megling eurti to samtalepartnere.