Fallout PnP – Looking for a player or two · Skyeris, Aug 19, Replies: 0. Views: Skyeris: Aug 19, AlbinoGiraffe. h1. *_FALLOUT_* h2. _*CORE RULEBOOK*_ *_REBALANCED_* _*Warning: These rules and tools are currently out of date*_ h3. Fallout: PNP RPG rules. I’ve kept all the rules from the game’s SPECIAL system intact, except for gun damage, which I modified – without any change to the.

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These rules and tools are currently out of date I am currently working on the final edit of these rules after years of testing and changes.

So for now, because what Falloug really did all those years ago when I was GMing my campaign was supplement some of his rules, I will be making a zip file of my rules and a separate file that gives credit where credit is due.

Fallout-PNP- Rules

I think he’ll be the less Falloutesque character. PyroJul 20, But I don’t think it should take this long should it? He’ll probably become some sort of high-tech spy. This area didn’t have it as bad as other more metropolitan areas of the U.


There’s no way I will adopt the skill book system. Well, Vic on Fallout 2 and his daughter from Vault City got into a discussion when they finally met up.

I do the latter. The files will be intended as supplements to Jason Mical’s rules, to be used in conjunction with his rulebooks until I have had a chance to compile all my work into a rulebook of my own.

Fallout-PNP- Rules | Obsidian Portal

When are You going to upload them? This rule set came directly from a single player game with a save feature.

Lets falloit it, despite the excellent work that Jason Mical put into his Fallout PNP rules, his efforts weren’t perfect and left room for improvement. Search Forums Recent Posts.

Simple system

Do You have something like a jury rigging perk? That’ll be for another post, I’m running out of time. I haven’t re-designed the rules in function of the chosen feel.

Some of my contributions are minute, others not so much. I didn’t want that my players would have to “pay extra” for that with perks, so I used skill levels. I heard from one, saying I should get ahold of the other. Submit a new text post. I decided I would allow perks every two levels note that I plan to have a cap at Lvl 20, and that getting a new level will be slow, very slow.


Also, an action should require a single throw of dice. August 08, The Skill cap isbut in 3 campaigns no one ever had more than I’m going to make up the credits readme real quick and it should be uploaded today. Comments deemed abusive may be removed by moderators. Discussion in ‘ Roleplaying Board ‘ started by PyroJul 20, Level reqs, characteristic reqs, results, etc, everything seems to lack coherence.

I’m no longer so obsessed over the games or the system, but I have all that modified material from a few years back and felt that since I expanded on things to make the original Fallout system playable on paper, I should share it.

Taloswind updated the wiki page Home Page. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Glad you’re interested in what I came up with. Volcanic activity trebled after the bombs. His daughter apparently doesn’t need all the parts to get something fixed.

My primary aim was to simplify everything.