Results 1 – 20 of 26 At , you will find our wide range of Nunchaku. Our selections are: Black Round B.B. Chuck With Laser Dragon. Nunchaku also known as nunchucks, chucks or chain sticks is a traditional Okinawan weapon and consists of two sticks connected at their ends with a short . If you’re not practising with real nunchucks at speed it’s because .. I think I need to suggest a mouth guard to all student of freestyle Nunchaku.

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Freestyle nunchaku

Nunchaku VietNam by CurtisMay. I’m interested imagine the new moves possible.

These tournaments are held by participants submitting videos that adhere certain rules which are relaxed, such as length of video and whether other weapons freestyle can be used.

Always stay logged in: It looks like you may be having problems playing this video.

Freestyle ( Nunchaku ) Forum – Index

I would say take the same thoughts about a heavy flail. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. One tournament has categories based on skill level, while another is more traditional, where members are grouped and voters decide who is the better of the two in the groups. You call it a shit weapon, you comment as though it is a fact, that makes you a liar.



It’s also not uncommon for people who’ve never trained with them to try and do this and end up hitting themselves in the head and end up injuring themselves, no one said anything about it being deadly, but it’s enough to warrant the “dangerous weapon” label. December 05, Other subreddits you may enjoy: This why you think it’s a shitty weapon?

Guides How to build nunchaku, firechux, glowchux and bungychux. Howard Lee shared a link. World Cup Tang Senyang China by psionics.

Why would I practice with a weapon I think is shity Because most people would rather believe a convenient lie than an inconvenient truth, do you know who said that? Who’s dabbled with this?

But no, you use scientific concepts incorrectly knowing that majority of people who read it won’t know any better and will just nod their heads, which is fucking stupid. Please login or register.

August 17, at 1: Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Announcements Make announcements to the community here. I am still calling you out for calling it a shitty weapon while possessing no evidence frrestyle suggest otherwise, and particularly for being a nobody on Reddit who is talking shit and then taking a defensive position as soon as he’s called out for it.


The Wall of Fame pa I nunchauk that idea. Try looking at the slow motion video for the infinity handroll: December 12, But I’m interested in hearing your feeling about it so please comment below.

Freestyle Nunchaku | Nunchaku Tutorials

If you are just starting with freestyle nunchaku, or if you have never used a nunchaku before, then here is your starting place to learn how to use your nunchucks! December 20, The primary purpose of a weapon is to inflict damage on another personif you don’t believe treestyle then Google the definition.

The annual freestylw Off” also has varied categories such as: Retrieved from ” https: Honestly, I’m half expecting you to say that people going full tilt with real knives won’t ever get cut even if only in training Freestyle Nunchaku Forum has been organizing a yearly online event as a dedication to our art. Even with a mouth guard you can still frsestyle injured so for me it’s best to just be careful.

Loh Chun Hung 4 hrs.