Table 1: F uture Value Interest F actor (F. V. IF.) ($1 at r% for n periods). F. V .. Table 3: Future Value of an Annuity Interest Factor (FVIFA) ($1 per period at r%. n \ r. 1%. 2%. 3%. 4%. 5%. 6%. 7%. 8%. 9%. 10%. 11%. 12%. 13%. 14%. 15%. 16%. 17%. 1. This tutorial demonstrates how to create the PVIF, FVIF, PVIFA, and FVIFA tables using Excel. I use conditional formatting, custom number formatting, data.

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A70 and then create this formatting rule:. If you choose, you can set an input message that will popup when the cell is selected, and an fable message that is displayed if the user enters a number outside of the allowable range. Note that if you look at the formula bar you will see that the formula is still there.

The first rule will create the shading and borders for the top row of our table. Click OK to apply the formatting rule. Tvifa the second rule we want to apply a border to the right edge of column A, but only those rows that are supposed to be visible in the table.

Time Value of Money Tables in Excel |

Note that we still need slightly different formulas, depending on the type of annuity as described above. For example, we don’t want them to enter a negative interest rate in B1.


Also, we don’t need to see the number in A That will preserve the data, but it will be invisible because the font color is the same as the background color.

F2, so we can hide those cells by setting the font color to white. Click here to learn more.

Select the entire table A Vfifa formatting changes the look of a cell or range when certain conditions are met. This tells Excel to display the word “Period” regardless of the result of the formula.

For the text in A9 we need to specify slightly different text depending on the type of annuity. Your worksheet should now look like the one below, except for the shading in row tablle K10 have this format. Table recalculation can be slow for large tables or complicated formulas, so one of Excel’s calculation options is to Automatic Except for Data Tables.

This leads to the following dialog box:. Start by adding some data in row 7.

FVIFA Calculator

The results will be placed into an array at the intersection of the appropriate row and column. This is the area specifically, F1 and F2 where Excel will substitute the values from the top row and left column to get the numbers to paste into the table.


The format mask to do that is 0. We will use the following IF statement:. Once fvifx get this working properly, we can simply copy the worksheet and then change the formula that drives the table.

FVIFA Calculator – Tool Slick

This rule checks to see that it is in column A and that the row number is in the visible range. Click B7 and then the Data Validation button. Before creating the data table, I should explain the data in E1: Note that the PV function is only used in the upper-left corner of the table. Go to the Number tab and choose the Custom category.

The rest of the table is txble in automatically when we use the Data Table command. Here is a small piece of the FVIF table so that you can be sure that yours is correct:. For reference, if you change B7 to an annuity due you should get 1. The formula in A10 is:.