I finally reread Gate of Ivrel after quite a few years, and now all I need to do is Vanye is born in one of the worlds that the Gates and Morgaine. Any career. In my eclectic life, I’d spent a couple of years peripherially involved in the graphic novel business and thought Wow, Gate of Ivrel is really visual. Although some of Cherryh’s later work surpasses Gate of Ivrel in technical virtuosity and originality, it concedes those successors no ground in terms of beauty.

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Despite the surface narrative of two tough sword off, the story carries and undercurrent of imperfection and weakness, where the lead characters of Morgaine ivrek Vanye show themselves humans underneath their layers of toxic-masculinity.

A straight-ahead quest story that gradually reveals a textured history and background. This book is very Cherryh, with a clear, linear plot set in a pf, seemingly underpopulated world that has seen better days.

It’s clear in how it’s worded and how it ends. The ancient Qhal Empire expanded and dominated civilizations through the Galaxy.

This allows Vanye to join her, but I think that could have been achieved in a more a consistent way, and left me questioning the foundations of the story. If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support?


Gate of Ivrel Audiobook | C.J. Cherryh |

My only objection is that I feel gqte it could have gone slower and explored everything more. Cherryh observes this almost to a fault: In their time, long before the rise of the native civilizations, they had terrorized a hundred worlds—not from villainy but from folly, from tampering with the strands that held a universe together. I’ve already cracked open the second volume. In the last 50 pages or so, there are some really unlikely escapes.

A loom is gathering dust and needs rethreading, a wooden ship model awaits construction, and ivrek cats demand their own time much more urgently. Erij surprisingly bids his brother to go after her and Vanye gratefully complies. Morgaine goes after him.

Gate of Ivrel

In mortal danger, Erij has no choice, but to guard his back. Fires of Azeroth The story ivfel for Book 1 belongs to him. View all 3 comments. Cherryh reads like something old and something new.

What seemed similar to me was feeling of desperation and a hopeless Quest.

It’s as if they didn’t trust the readers to be able to handle the larger level of detail, but absolutely we can. He warns them to flee while they still can, then follows his own advice. Good story, well written The narrator did a ivrfl job with voices but her sharpfast voice grated on me.

You can see that many modern writers iivrel been influenced by gste book, I suspect GRRM is one of them, not that things are blatantly stolen but I believe there is much homage done to Cherryh in modern fantasy books.


Hunted by his half-brothers’ vengeful maternal clan, Vanye is forced to enter Morgaine’s vale, a place anyone less desperate would have shunned. How could the performance have been better?

And obviously, to the sword-and-sorcery crowd, much of what she does looks like magic. Cherryh and humble self is: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. Because Morgan was responsible for a war a hundred years ago where everyone on her side died except for her, the legend goes that she betrayed her Army. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. During his wanderings, he releases Morgaine, a figure of century-old iverl legend on his world, from a temporal prison and is made to swear an oath of allegiance to her and accompany her on her quest to seal this world’s gates.

Being a fantasy fan, the description and author had be very interested. Warriors are respected for their skills with bows and swords and their horsemanship. The setting for this book is alien planet that had in the distant past been an outpost of the Qhal.