12 – Plug. Disk Plug. T. Plug, Seat Material. Actuator Size. A A2. A3. A4. A A6. B B2. Seal Tank. G1. G2. G3. DK. /OO. T. – Self-Acting Pressure and Temperatur Controllers by GESTRA – Flowserve Corporation. Pressure-reducing valve for use with steam and other fluids. Figure no. Description. GESTRA pressure reducing valve without auxiliary energy. Low pressure adjustable within the setting range while operating.

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Measured values are transmitted as standard signals or can be incorporated in existing controls by means of volt-free relay contacts, 55801 no need for additional electronic control units. And an energy supply centre is only as reliable as its weakest component.

Condensate Collector and Steam Manifold Description The condensate manifold is mainly used in 5081 tracing systems and for the connection of widely branched low-pressure condensate lines for low and medium flowrates. Screwed sockets, union butt-weld nipples Body Material: The condensate is discharged without noise.

Gestra pressure reducing valve :: Barthel Armaturen

Safeguarding the health, safety and physical integrity of our employees, visitors and customers has top priority and is of utmost importance to us. SPECTOR family Because one system can no longer satisfy all requirements Safety in operation, availability and cost efficiency are decisive factors for energy supply centres.


By using our services, you agree that we may use cookies. Contamination by acids, etc Ingress of oil in cooling water General Geztra methods Measurement: For liquids, gases, vapours.

Proven flexibility now also for large nominal sizes.

The GESTRA product range includes steam and condensate piping equipment, boiler control, special equipment and vessel for heat recovery. Very low pressure loss, very stable operating behaviour, with dashpot, plastic coating, soft seals optional. Consumer products plant – Chachoengsao Cooling water storage tank with Gestra equipment Capacity: Ex-plosion proof version is available.

GESTRA technology is tailored to your needs, offering you the right solution — be it conventional or bus-based. Robust controller for the toughest operating conditions, insensitive against water gestfa and frost, can be used as air vents. In closed loops emergency power generators, etc. The condensate dampening pot provides cushioning effect to neutralize waterhammer.

Pump Trap and Compact Condensate Lifter. Gestra AK45 PN40 For discharging condensate from steam systems during start-up and draning residual condensate at shut-down.

Gestra pressure reducing valve

A test chamber with an integral level electrode is installed upstream of the trap to detect any defective steam trap. Production downtimes must be avoided! No accidents at work! Gestraa planning and engineering is considerably simplified, and a great variety of data relevant to the plant can be rapidly transmitted.


GESTRA – Flowserve Corporation

Gestra Ultrasonic detector Detects the sound produced by steam flowing through the traps. Temperature control in heating and cooling processes in industrial plants, gestga h. GESTRA is a global leader in the design and production of valves and control systems for heat and process fluid control. There is a risk of inleakage by acids, alkalis, etc.: Detects the sound produced by steam flowing through the traps.

Piston valve / pressure-control / temperature control / for gas – , – GESTRA AG

The decreased plant efficiency due to loss of energy and additional make-up water results in lost production. Both no moving part electrode level control and gsstra regulator level control are available for selection.

Click here for further information. Condensate tanks are used to collect the condensate coming from steam users or flash vessels. If the differential pressure is too low, the gestrz works as cyclic condensate lifter.