Program Manual PABX LG GHX 1. TRUNK GROUP / PEMBAGIAN GROUP * FLASH30 CO LINE yang kita jadikan satu Group. 1 ○ GHX KEY TELEPHONE SYSTEM / SLT User Guide GHXA//36/46 SLT User Guide for GHX System Call Forward ○ Lift handset. ○ Dial 7 5 4. GHXA/ HYBRID KEY TELEPHONE SYSTEM SECTION 6. FEATURE DESCRIPTION NUMBERING PLAN Numbering Plan for.

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The tone cadence to detect Range: Disables monitor mode LED gjx A pair of contacts E. Attach the housing intercom to the rear cover and secure with latch. Default setting is Internal music source.

Dial the 2 digits initialization code.

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Allow Table B Flash 50, Button 4: If VAU is equipped, voice announcement is available. No Recall secondsProcedure: Both contacts may be assigned to stations and the contacts will operate when station is ringing. Press your desired button Attendant Recall Timer Conditions 1. To delete an entry, enter pound signs twice. Enter the 3-digit station number on the numeric keypad.

To restore the original COS; 1. Dec 26, Vtech Lands Phones. Call Park Retrieve Y Y. Press the HOLD button. If there is any problem, unplug the extension More information. Existing wiring may be used if it meets the requirements of the instructions.


Call Forward type number 5 This feature allows Call Forward to outside line. Check that type and quantity of boards received is correct and optional equipment and a Power Ghxx Surge Protector are on-site.

The remaining buttons on the button are initialized by default. Each station in the system can have one preset forward station. Transfer Recall Timer 2. A battery rack or case should be used to secure the batteries to prevent tipping or any movement that gux cause spilling of battery acid or shorting of terminals.

Two stations can be assigned to Loud Bell Control. All controls, switching and interface circuitry are condensed onto a single printed circuit board pcb located inside the key service unit ksu. Secondpair of wires DT, DR is designed for transmitting digital signalsinformation.

DC input wire size should be sufficient to restrict voltage drop to 0. Wake-up Call The system automatically sends ring signal to the station which registers wake-up time.


Authorization Code Change 4. Preset Forward Timer 2. The ground source should be located as close as possible to the system.

Dial Press the telephone number. Operation While connected to a CO line, 1. Placing an Outside Call Dial 9. Flash 52, Button 4 Gh only: The warning signal is presented to the station programmed. Last Number Redial 2. Integrated Telephone System Model No. A station can be denied this feature through programming. It gives no stations the feature by default. For printout of 4-digit fraction part, [ No.


When using an Electra Professional More information.

User Telephone Features are features that the user must initiate and complete an action to activate or complete the feature. Absent, return at date xx: Panelto consolidate enough screws to make itcould withstand the weight station.

Program Manual PABX LG GHX 616

Stations on which the password has not been registered are not allowed to degrade their COS to change their password Error tone will gxh returned. The account code is included in the SMDR printout. The information contained in this More information. Dial the 6-digit station range or 3-digit station number.