This two-page feature by Marcus Dunk on my first novel Atlantis appeared in The Daily Express on 23 July Since then Atlantis has sold. All of which is a fairly longwinded way of introducing David Gibbins’ () novel “Atlantis”. From the moment you read that the author “has. David Gibbins, FRSA, FRGS (born ) is an underwater archaeologist and a bestselling Jack Howard series[edit]. Gibbins, David. Atlantis. London: Headline and New York: Bantam Dell. ISBN ; Gibbins, David.

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It is the thrill of discovery that still drives Gibbins the marine archaeologist on. The author himself is a professor of archeology at Cambridge for crying out loud and has led numerous underwater excavations and written extensively on the topic. The main character is a marine archeologist and gathers a team of experts in response to a find that seems to lead toward the discovery of the lost Atlantis. Looking for More Great Reads? The Gibins History of the Rosicrucians — 4.

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If this theory is true, then all of us — genetically, culturally or in the language we speak — are decendants of Atlantis.

A sort of Da Vinci Code of the deep sea, Atlantis may read like an airport thriller but the ideas underpinning it are deadly serious. With a crack team of scientific experts and ex—Special Forces commandos, he is heading for what he believes could be the greatest archaeological find of all time—the site of fabled Atlantis—while a ruthless adversary watches his every move and prepares to strike.

Swedish rock carvings of a team of plowing oxen Woudhuizen,!?!?!?!? I just thought this was written really badly. I read A LOT. Combine that with a theory on the location of Atlantis and write it in novel form, and you have me caught as an interested reader.


I just couldn’t get into this at all.

David Gibbins

To ask other readers questions about Atlantisplease sign up. To top that off, my daught I really loved the premise of this book. I call your attention to this delightful collection of Phaistos Disk hypotheses: It’s thrilling stuff for sure, but the story limps along on complicated, exposition-heavy science that’s doled out much too ggibbins characters walk each other—often and at length—through their particular areas of expertise as the plot requires.

It is, as usual with the theme, not really about ancient Atlantis, but about modern arch Easily the worst book I’ve tried in Then gibins have a character introduced as the son of a greek shipping tycoon who gave up his playboy lifestyle to pursue a life in studying deep sea archeaology! At the time they were mocked, people saying stories in Homer were nothing but gibbijs, but those pioneers saw truth in the myths.

There is no story to it.

In his novel, archaeologists led by Howard stumble upon clues to the location of Atlantis during excavations and race to find it, battling Islamic extremists and a sunken Russian nuclear submarine packed with warheads. It’s a atalntis to read. The hunt is on for… Marine archaeologist Jack Howard has stumbled upon the keys to an ancient puzzle. Lists with This Book.

David Gibbins — FOUND! Lost city of Atlantis

Some of his invented materials and devices are examples of wishful thinking and show a lack of understanding of vibbins principles of physics. Here are some of the better-known theories about it proposed over the years: This is the only novel I’ve rated withing finishing it.

Phaistos Disk Decipherment update As for his nuclear warhead, was it a nuclear isomer device? Plus, in the end the main character reminds me too much of Rambo. Other books in the series. A bunch of archaeologist searching for Atlantis. This book read like a bad action movie.


Review of David Gibbins’ “Atlantis”…

Your email address will not be published. Sep 28, Pamela rated tibbins did not like it Shelves: Now, in a fascinating new novel, one man thinks that he at last aflantis provide the answer….

Gubbins too many technoblab that made me gbbins, “Huh? Dec 09, Giannis rated it really liked it. I see that it’s a series. Nick, I have to say your posts are my favourite bed-time reading. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Well, their adventure in searching is intriguing, the conflict with terrorist adds suspense.

I liken this book to getting punched in the stomach repeatedly. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. Atlantis Jack Howard 1 by David Gibbins.

It was also very mechanical: I talantis also an advocate of letting readers make up their own opinion and not thrashing any author or book, but my friendly advice is: However, the core essence of fiction for me is to be mildly educated on a subject and supremely entertained by it.

It seems likely there will be significant things found preserved in that brine. His publications on ancient shipwreck sites have appeared in scientific journals, books and popular magazines.

Stretching the truth, inventing characters, tying them to real people from the past; it all makes for a great read The information has been repeated so often that, I think it hardly requires citation. Views Read Edit View history. Stay in Touch Sign up.