RESUMEN. Antecedentes: La gonartrosis es una entidad muy frecuente en la actualidad, las deformi- dades angulares son un hallazgo usual en pacientes. Objetivo: Determinar la eficacia de la infiltración intrarticular de la rodilla con ozono médico en pacientes que presentan gonalgia por gonartrosis crónica.

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Treatment of Advanced Stage Gonarthrosis With Prolotherapy: Case Report

Sibling risks of hip and knee replacement for idiopathic osteoarthritis. Bolateral is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.

It affects both genders and all races. Types Knee osteoarthritis takes two different forms: Ozon-sauerstofftherapie in der rheumatologie. Prolotherapy in whiplash and low back pain.

Other causes for knee joint pain may be found in neighbouring joints. Tratamiento de la gonalgia por gonartrosis con ozono intrarticular. The bilaetral criteria used and the reasons for exclusions have been detailed in a previous publication [ 15 ].

Knee osteoarthritis (gonarthrosis) | Ottobock TR

Reset share links Gonartrosus both viewing and editing gonzrtrosis coeditors shown below are not affected. Injection therapies are commonly used for gonarthrosis as non-surgical treatment methods.


La gonartrosis es una entidad muy frecuente en la actualidad, las deformi- dades angulares son un hallazgo usual en pacientes. Injected solution causes inflammation at connective tissue. Amongst others, your physical condition, fitness and a detailed medical examination are key. A joint malposition also occurs regularly and becomes apparent over time.

Pain level was detected as close to bilayeral most severe pain level Scala 1. A systematic review of prolotherapy for chronic musculoskeletal pain. We administered five times the skin attempt for 15 point injections and used 22 cc solutions totally.

When the degenerative process already reaches the advanced stage, the pain symptom occur. Gheza G, Bissolotti L.

During walking, the patient rotates the lower limb to the outside, limps and leans the torso to the front and to the side. The study by Hackett et al. Knee osteoarthritis is the bilatedal wear arthrosis of the knee joint. Six sessions of knee prolotherapy protocol was applied to the patient, one session monthly.

But no evidence bbilateral be found that they improve arthritis level at long-term 1 – 367.

Older people in particular are affected. It is quite important that an improvement was shown at a patient with advanced stage gonarthrosis by clinical and radiological evidences after prolotherapy. We are happy to support you.


In addition to the decrease at pain levels, grade IV arthritis was radiographically improved to grade I after a year. The impairment at joint mechanics due to laxity and degeneration at these structures may cause excessive weight bearing at synovial tissues. Clinical examination In the investigation of knee pain, the leg axis knock gonarteosis or bow legsthe leg length and the gait pattern are primarily examined.

Kellgren J, Lawrence J.

Treatment of Advanced Stage Gonarthrosis With Prolotherapy: Case Report

The results from multivariate analyses of aetiological associations are given in Appendix 2. Physical examination revealed tenderness at medial and lateral collateral ligaments, pes anserius, patellar ligament, and coronary ligament.

Clinical and radiological improvements were demonstrated with our therapy method. The stability of the joint is maintained by ligamentous structures. On the other hand, a pathological process including exchange of joint surface with metals may be preferred at orthopedic approach 12.