Infection by Grapevine fanleaf nepovirus (GFLV), a bipartite RNA virus of positive polarity belonging to the Comoviridae family, causes extensive cytopathic. The specific transmission of Grapevine fanleaf virus by its nematode vector Xiphinema index is solely determined by the viral coat protein. There are plenty of plant viruses that no one has heard of, but few are as widely known as grapevine fanleaf virus. Learn how to identify a sick.

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In contrast to proteins involved in viral replication, the 2B movement protein and, to a lesser extent, the 2C coat protein were not confined to the viral garpevine but were transported toward the cell periphery, a finding consistent with their role in cell-to-cell movement of virus particles.

The rooting ability of rootstocks and the graft brapevine of scions are both substantially reduced in grapevine fanleaf virus GFLV -infected material. Altogether, these results clearly confirm that GFLV replication occurs at numerous discrete sites associated with condensed ER but not GA -derived perinuclear aggregates.

Grapevine Fanleaf Virus Replication Occurs on Endoplasmic Reticulum-Derived Membranes

Inhibition of Golgi apparatus function by brefeldin A in maize coleoptiles and its consequences on auxin mediated growth, cell wall extensibility, and secretion of cell wall proteins. Brefeldin A differentially affects protein secretion from suspension-cultured tobacco cells Nicotiana tabacum. The longer polyprotein the product of RNA1 is cleaved into five functional proteins, including the viral RNA polymerase [4] and the shorter from RNA2 is cleaved into three proteins.

In addition, Golgi stacks were restricted to the periphery of these aggregates Fig. Detection of viral proteins in cytopathic structures in cowpea protoplasts infected with cowpea mosaic virus.

Grapevine Fanleaf Degeneration Disease – eXtension

The remaining protoplasts were fixed and immunolabeled with anti-VPg or anti-CP antibodies and A conjugate. Yellow mottling may sometimes accompany foliar deformations. Mock-inoculated protoplasts referred to as healthy protoplasts were used as a control. Protoplasts were further incubated for 48 h and harvested. Support Center Support Center.


In view of the close resemblance between both systems, we suggest that GFLV could use a similar mechanism to recruit membranes for replication purposes. Based on their diameter ca. The coat protein derives from RNA2 [5] and forms the icosahedral capsid of 60 identical protein subunits. Enzyme cytochemical identification of single-stranded and double-stranded RNAs in virus-infected plant ganleaf insect cells.

In contrast, dsRNA labeling Fig. Finally, the CP-containing spikes in Fig. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Photos courtesy of Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

Fanleaf Degeneration of Grape

The natural host range for GFLV is primarily limited to species of the Vitis genus, so introduction to a new vineyard is likely through plantings of virus-infected nursery stock. They were used at a 1: These observations imply that GFLV replication depends both on ER-derived graevine recruitment and on de novo lipid synthesis.

On the other hand, the antibiotic cerulenin targets the type II fatty acid synthase and is therefore a potent inhibitor of de novo lipid synthesis 48 Infected berries are uneven in size with numerous small and seedless individuals, some of which may not mature.

The fact that distinct types of membranes are involved in the replication of different viruses implies the establishment of specific interactions between such host membranes and virus-encoded proteins. To further characterize the GFLV-induced vesicles, crude extracts of healthy and infected T-BY2 protoplasts were fractionated in a linear sucrose gradient. In the present study, the structural preservation of cells and the intensity of immunolabelings were markedly enhanced, and image resolution was further improved by using high-resolution confocal microscopy.


Cloning and in vitro characterization of the grapevine fanleaf virus proteinase cistron. The plant Golgi apparatus: Amino-terminal region of poliovirus 2C fankeaf is sufficient for membrane binding. Intracellular distribution of poliovirus proteins fanlsaf the induction of virus specific cytoplasmic structures. Panel Grapsvine is a 2. VPg Northern-immunoblots as a means for detection of viral RNAs in protoplasts or plants infected with grapevine fanleaf nepovirus.

Virsu A inhibits cell-free. Remodeling the endoplasmic reticulum by poliovirus infection and by individual viral proteins: Formvar-coated electron microscopic grids were first coated with affinity immunopurified anti-VPg antibodies and then floated on aliquots of the gradient fractions combined three by three.

The sedimentation of Golgi Fig. Future work will focus on identifying which intermediate or final maturation product derived from GFLV polyprotein P1 is responsible for the recruitment of vesicles from the ER and whether this phenomenon occurs through a COP budding mechanism. It is associated with membranous structures and is recruited by the RNA1-encoded replication machinery.

In line with the vifus association of P2 with RNA2 via the 2A region 23some label corresponding to the movement protein 2B presumably as the polyprotein or a proteolytic maturation precursor and the coat protein were occasionally vjrus in the vicinity of the replication compartment.

vrapevine In spite of being derived from the same polyprotein as CP, the MP was rarely detected anywhere else than in tubules. Cell viability was assessed on aliquots of protoplasts by adding 0. Protein 2A of grapevine fanleaf nepovirus is implicated in RNA2 replication and colocalizes to the replication site. In plants, BFA has been shown to block the secretion of cell wall polysaccharides and proteins 1634 ,