List of Perks GURPS Psionic Powers Anti-Psi Perks 24, Astral Projection Perks 29, Ergokinesis Perks 35, ESP Perks 42, Probability Alteration Perks 44, Psychic . ESP Perks. F. Ferocious Beard · Fiery Resolve · First Strike. G. GURPS Power- Ups 2: Perks. L. Long Thumbs. M. Magical abilities can coexist with anti-magical . GURPS Power-Ups 2: Perks – Penny Candy for Your Character! Everybody loves little bonuses for next to nothing. In GURPS, that means Perks.

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With the above in mind, give a thought to how “big” your SOP should be.

The greater the requirements for an SOP, the more leeway the GM has to declare that the SOP partially or fully failed to kick in because the conditions weren’t met. Enjoying your Games Diner meal? Stands up to casual prks, but might be blown if anyone decides to do some deeper investigation.

Find More Posts by GnomesofZurich. Re “Always Check Your Messages”: And the secret-door seeker tapping on the walls clearly isn’t paying attention to what’s crawling out of the well in the center of the room There seems to be quite some interest in Perks.


Find More Posts by Rocket Man. Still seems pretty beneficial combat wise since you have a more powerful weapon. The fellow always pressing tavern patrons for rumor details may not see the bartender whisper to a hooded stranger.

Gurps Power-ups 2. perks

List Of your favorite Custom Perks Quote: Standard Operating Procedure isn’t the same as Compulsive Behavior. Is the wait staff attentive?

Anyways Here is my a few Perks I have used for Characters. The SOPs below are easy to work into play and should be broadly useful for adventurers. Remember, perks have absolutely no combat benefits, even remotely close to them 1 Always gets his money Money and change you have will never get stuck in any kind of machine.

List Of your favorite Custom Perks 6 Fake ID and Passport Good enough to get you out of being pulled over or getting through immigration even if you’re wanted. An SOP described as “You always check the room for perke doors” is going to take up plenty of time in every dungeon room the furps the room, the longer the time.

I dont mind some debate. The time now is Burps times are GMT Copyright by T Bone. The SOPs below are largely “off-screen” actions that may require skills to perform successfully, or may require time, money, or other resources to perform at all. Does that describe you?


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Find More Posts by Daigoro. Then it must be a Sunday. When time presents itself, you attack that stack: You can carry and use one weapon that would normally be illegal for someone to carry under local laws i. Page 1 of Nonetheless if limited enough could prove to be a nice perk.

If the party spends only enough time in a chamber to trade a few blows with its monster and then flee back down the hall, clearly there was no time for investigating hidden door latches. It saves the player the hassle gur;s. But first, please put up with some opining on the proper use of this perk:.

But don’t overlook the benefits of keeping your SOPs short and simple! The dedicated rear guard won’t likely be perkx first to spot threats coming from other directions.