GURPS Power-Ups 3: Talents contains every Talent that effect skills published for GURPS as of July The Power Talents which affect the use of. GURPS Power-Ups 3: Talents · GURPS (4th Edition). Nickname. PDF version. Version Publisher. Steve Jackson Games. Alternate Names. Year Published. along the stinky stream, past the giant billboard for Dr Humayun’s Hair Transplant . O Malalai I am Malala: The Story o Growing Up Spiritually By Kenneth E.

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Newer Post Older Post Home. Talents is more than a catalog, though. Flip Talents on their head for characters who suffer from broad-based incompetence. The only reason I might not recommend this book to someone is because it might be a bit superfluous; a lot of the talents are pre-existing, though there is a bit of new content too. It offers clarifications on what counts as a unique skill for Talent purposes, how Talents interact with poeer, and how to include combat skills in Talents without breaking the game.

The chapter begins with a discussion of why a player might like a talent, for both objective mechanical reasons and for subjective semantic reasons, and points out some interesting edge case rulings to keep in mind if you use a lot poqer talents. Replace the reaction bonuses granted by Talents with a wide range of other possibilities.

GURPS Power-Ups 3: Talents

The one annoyance I have here is that the entries refer to two mechanics that aren’t even introduced until the next chapter: Benjamin Gauronskas August 9, at 4: The organization is mostly sensible, though having the catalog of talents gutps the middle of the book leads to some mechanics in the final chapter being referenced early, and I think that might have been prevented with a slightly different organization. Check out GURPS Powers for everything you need to create every kind of amazing, off-the-chart superhero you can imagine.


Maybe they are something of a not-so-secret secret for newcomers. Develop your Talent in play. Privacy Jps Contact Us. BookPower-UpsReview.

Let’s GURPS: Review: Power-Ups 3 – Talents

Also, it proposes many entirely new optional rules for Talents, such as: This leads to rules about learning and how talents with their inborn ability to shorten training schedules can be modified, and how to balance the concept of potentially learning talents. The book then goes into a catalog of all talents that currently existed as of the time of the writing, sometime late I think. But so many Talents appear in so many GURPS supplements that choosing among them can involve tiresome amounts of page-flipping.

Power-Ups 3 – Talents. Check out the entire Power-Ups series!

If you are poer new to the system, a less generic powed style book might be a little bit more helpful, though at the same time, it has a lot of food for thought for neophyte players as well which I might naively boil down to: And even in the vanilla form, the talents are often a pretty good deal for character points.

They are also, mechanically speaking, pretty easy to put together with only a paragraphish amount of text needed to adequately describe it in the basic set. The illustration quality is fine, but a little us this might be because the book is a bit of a “greatest hits” compilation so the art probably comes from several previous releases, though it is appropriate and doesn’t feel like lazy recycling. That said, how could such a simple idea actually fill out a full supplement? Talents solves this problem by collecting all the gudps Talents in one place, noting their point costs, skill lists, and reaction modifiers — and their original sources, for campaigns that use only certain GURPS supplements.


In all honesty I don’t think I’ve ever had a player take a talent. If you want a catalog of a lot of talents, ;ower is as good turps it gets. Preview of the PDF. Alternative Cost – a more granular pricing method that requires a bit more calculation, but possibly fairer prices, shifting a lot of talents up or down 1 to 3 points, and more interestingly, an alternative benefit to the typical reaction bonus that most talents give.

Sean Punch 28 pages. If you want to make an interesting character and save a few points by keeping to a focused concept, this is a good resource. Posted by Benjamin Gauronskas at 4: Surf our site for the files you want.

It’s ok, friend, daddy’s got you. If you like Talents, then you’ll love all the examples and options that Power-Ups 3: So decided to get a few books from my “maybe” list pus weekend on a splurge, and among them was Talents.

If you like reading about rules and options, this is a decent book, and it’s not terribly expensive. Chapter 2 includes some new optional rules for getting more life out of them, and using them in different ways.

I like them, mechanically, but for whatever reason the handful of times I’ve actually had people generate Powdr characters, it seems like a trait type that gets a pass.

Adapt Talents to work as intensive training instead of as natural gifts.