Dhirubhai Ambani’s life is a rags-to-riches story, from Bombay’s crowded pavements and bazaars to the city’s extravagantly wealthy social circles where. Banned book: The Polyester Prince: The Rise of Dhirubhai Ambani HarperCollins, Status: Injunction against the book in Hamish McDonald The polyester prince: the rise of Dhirubhai Ambani /​ Hamish McDonald. Author. McDonald, Hamish, Published. St. Leonards, N.S.W.: Allen &​ Unwin.

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Public Private login e. It documents Ambani’s influence on politics and some of the allegations made against him. Feb 08, Samesh rated it it was amazing.

The book claims that Dhirubhai Ambani and Co manipulated share price, played the role of really cunning fox at every turn, showed great extent of favoritism to people from Gujarat am Wow that took a long time to complete odd pages. He could not cover it all up and this book is a well-composed summary and argument of the public part of Ambani’s life.

The Ambani’s have always been manipulating the ruling parties and effectively changing decisions in their favor. Banning something ordinary, indeed gives it an aura of undeserved importance many a times. The book is an interesting read.

The book also brings to light the connection however brief, with the Mumbai underground and the attempted assassination attempt on Nusli Wadia of Bombay Dyeing. So, I started getting back into the story then.

The Polyester Prince – Wikipedia

Jul 15, Santhosh Chikurambotla rated it really liked it. This book is a small biography of Dhirubhai Ambani till reliance was set up and then morphs into a story of reliance Ltd, its dizzy peaks and deep troughs.

These 18 locations in All: The book delves into the business life of Ambani in great detail. Skip to content Skip to search. Journalist like Gurumurthy are hard to find now. His initial rise in Mumbai and the success story of Vimal are all nicely captured by the author. I think the loyalty of Reliance investors has been shaken by the split. These online bookshops told us they have this item: Very insightful about how inefficient and immature our country and it’s leadership were from independence till late 90s.


Had read this for work, so had done basic research on Mr Ambani beforehand. The Rise of Dhirubhai Ambanian unauthorized biography of Dhirubhai Ambani published in and not widely available.

The return of The Polyester Prince

The book illustrates Ambani’s journey from school teacher’s mcdonqld in Gujarat to a business tycoon. The rise of Dhirubhai Orince, the author has taken deep dive into the building Reliance. Everybody has his own self-interest. The poor remains poor and middle class will always struggle. First hmaish all, the law should be changed” And Dhirubhai Amabani indeed did it. Very well done throughout the book with well researched facts, a pinch of dramatisation and anecdotal sto Great to know the behind the scene story of the Ambanis.

That would be a concentration of economic power that would be worrying for India and would not have been good value for either side. I also found that the book digresses sometimes to unrelated politics and becomes very slow after He now wanted to create a Petro chemicals Plastic Plant and a Nartural gas cracker plant.

On the contrary, I thought they were such a tight family team and Dhirubhai brought the boys up in the business and that any friction would take a long time to develop.

So it is less of a bio, and more of a documentary on Reliances rise in Indian business scene. Dhirubhai Ambani said that he builds a golden fountain over all his misdeeds and nobody will ever know what’s underneath. I just happened to be here hamidh India on a holiday with my family at the end of when it all burst into the open.


Firstly the book is banned by GOI and the Ambani family has done much to restrict any circulation of copies which almost seem non existent. Along with expansion, however, have come the intricate political connections, a whole raft of corruption charges and a rollercoaster of booms and crashes for Ambani and his company. But in all a good bookswhat the congress has done with this country for the past 50 60 years is not hidden and this book shows a glimpse of thatI am a born Jan sanghiye and after reading all this my hate towards congress only grows!!!

Nov 24, Sathish Kumar rated it really liked it. Then there was the shock appearance on the Samajwadi Party ticket for Rajya Sabha. Overall, a must read, especially if you’re Indian. However, for anyone interested in knowing, how did India grow, this books gives a sneak peek into mcdonnald industries and governments of the time functioned.

Hamish McDonald | The Reliance split is good for India – Livemint

It was such a laborious read, had to skim over so many parts as it is not written compellingly at all. Author covers the license raj mcdonal such pragamatic view that you cant agree more with him. The most authentic critique of the Ambani patriarch, India’s original robber baron. And then as the feud developed, I kept getting emails and calls from Indians and NRIs non-resident Indians asking if I still had a spare copy of the book. To ask other readers questions about The Polyester Princeplease sign up.