HARTOG COMMITTEE REPORT, The Government of India Act of did not satisfy the Indian people. In order to satisfy the Indian people it was felt. on constitutional reforms was to be appointed in But owing to the tary education. The auxiliary Committee popularly known as the Hartog Committee. formation of the Simon Commission in and the appointment of the Hartog Committee in alongwith its recommendations on Primary, Secondary.

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Regarding secondary education, the Hartog committee laid emphasis on industrial and commercial subjects, thereby making provisions commihtee the students to take up practical occupations in life. After describing the defects of primary education Hartog committee condemned the policy of its hasty expansion and recommended concentration on consolidation and qualitative improvement.

The Hartog Committee observed that the problems of primary education were mostly rural in character rather than urban. Wastage means premature withdrawal of children from school at any stage before the completion of the primary course and stagnation means the detention of a student in the same class for more than one academic year. Under what circumstances was the Hartog Committee formed?

A department of education should be established at the centre to coordinate with the activities of the DPIs. It gives importance to the qualitative improvement of primary education rather than its quantitative expansion.

Result of Recommendations Laboratory equipment and teaching aids are unsatisfactory which are so essential for higher educations are not up to the mark. 199


After going through this unit, you will be able to: All these things created a difficult situation for the progress of education. In his obituary it states, “Few educationists still working as did in octogenarian years could look back on so varied, strenuous, and fruitful a career as his.

Recommendation of Hartog Commission (1929)

commithee In this exposure of haphazard methods and plans for reform, he had the collaboration of Dr. What does Hartog Committee say on women education.

Due to the growth of secondary education higher education also developed. List the defects of university education as pointed out by Hartog committee The committee praised the growth in the number of affiliated college commottee criticised the falling standards of education due to the worsening of environment in these colleges.

Hartog Committee Report, 1929

Thus Montford reform did not help the development of education in the country. It attempted to prove that a policy of expansion had proved ineffective and wasteful and that a policy of consolidation alone was suited to Indian conditions. Discuss the problem of wastage in Primary Education as raised by Hartog Committee. In the first part of this unit, we have focused our attention on the historical background behind the setting up of the Hartog Committee.

Already you have learnt about the recommendation of the Hartog Committee regarding primary and secondary education. In order to remove the defects of the system of secondary education the committee made the following recommendations— Diverting Pupils to Non-Literacy Commiytee Standard of the primary teachers should be improved.


Failure to achieve purpose: It recommended to introduce committeee diversified curriculum during this period and to improve the service conditions, security of service and facilities for training of secondary school teachers. The committee observed that primary education had become meaningless and ineffective.

Philip Hartog – Wikipedia

The admission in the universities should be made on the basis of abilities and aptitudes of students. This Committee was appointed to survey the growth of education in British India. Recommendations on Higher Education 4. But the Government did not choose to implement the recommendations on the teachers and no attempt was made to raise their salaries.

Notes for UPSC: Hartog Committee

It stresses only on a few major defects and suggests some remedies. Most of the students were attracted towards higher education because they realised that secondary education could not fulfill their aspirations.

Environment and circumstances of the locality should be carefully studied while making education compulsory Quality Development: Accordingly some steps taken by the Government led to the qualitative improvement of this stage. Sir Phillip Hartog had served as a number of the Sadler Commission.

Some special institutions like Shantiniketan founded by Rabindra Nath Tagore were also established.