For hexagram 37 to change to hexagram 42 it would be line 3 of hexagram 37 that changes, so hexagram 37 line 3 is what you would read. 37 — The Family — HEXAGRAM NUMBER THIRTY-SEVEN –. FAMILY. Other titles: Family Life, Clan, Home, Linkage, Dwelling People, The Psyche, “May. El hexagrama 37 es llamado 家人 (chian jen), “El Clan”.

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As long as he goes forward and does not look back, he escapes this danger. Apologize if you can. Implied is the injunction not to indulge in inappropriate expressions of emotion. Assagioli — Psychosynthesis The thirty-seventh hexagram teaches us that the way 337 manage the emotions is no different than the proper management of a Family. The faithful steward performs the same service for public welfare.

Love Interpretation of I-Ching Hexagram #37 –

This is the essence of the Work, and arguably the most reiterated idea in the I Ching. When wife and children are smirking and chattering, the proper economy of the family has been lost.

I’m letting myself be creative and letting things resonate intuitively. Smith — Confucius If the ideal city is like a family, then the analogy also holds for an individual — here the comparison goes directly from city to psyche: Its name and age Its nature How the I Ching works Beyond the jargon The lines Change Trigrams Trigrams in hexagrams How to cast a reading Your question Casting a hexagram Look up your answer Trace the changes Overview of a reading Hexagrams and changing lines Getting started interpreting Some example readings Choosing questions Why the question matters Finding your real question Are there any wrong questions?


Every group needs some guidelines in order to succeed.

A family that thrives is one where a healthy interdependence is cultivated. If the ideal city is like a family, then the analogy also holds for an individual — here hexagraa comparison goes directly from city to psyche:. Each person must be encouraged to find his or her position and appropriate contribution.

While multiple translations of the original text are available, they include many archaic hexagraama and can be difficult to understand for 21st century readers. The Yi’s cryptic enough as it is The other lines of hex 42 aren’t relevant to your answer. Often the concept of self-control conjures up the image of an emotionless, dry, rigid way of life.

Does it mean a potential stable and defined relationship? Since the polarity 377 the ego is always magnetic in relation to the dynamic Self, the line can also refer to keeping the ego in its proper sphere of influence. It is the father’s character which eventually determines order and unity in the family. The family dwelling stands within an enclosure — regret vanishes.

Relationship. > 37

This good fortune is indicated by the position of the line which symbolizes cheerful acceptance. He will enjoy good fortune because he subjects himself frequently to self-examination. What’s your opinion on the meaning of both hexagrams? A wealthy hexagramma greatly auspicious.


The Self attains its purpose.

The principle is not abandoned. If you’re not yet a member, you’re welcome to join here. This is my first question on Online Clarity. Wind originating-from fire issuing-forth. However, the last line in 42 says “Absolutely no increase in this, Maybe someone strikes this one. Your perseverance in hexagrqma will compound to the benefit of the whole group.

A moderate path to establishing order in the situation must be found. I haven’t been studying for very long and I am glad you told me that!

I Ching Hexagram #37:

We are dominated by everything with which our [ego] becomes identified. That spouses occupy their correct positions shows the correct relationship between heaven and earth. Line 3 Corrective measures should be firm but not excessive — although it is better to be too firm than too lax.

This is a time when nothing can be brought to completion; however, within the household, righteous persistence brings good hexqgrama. Your heart and mind are in the right place.

In a nutshell, we have been together only two hsxagrama but what happened was very powerful and have changed me. Its all here in our complete reference, the i-ching index!

Once it happened, I would like you to to carry on without changing what you feel” or b “move on with your life and forget what happened”?