Cell Culture Chemicals. TCG. – Tissue Culture Flask (Surface Treated). TCS. – Tissue Culture Flask (Surface Non-treated). TPG. – Tissue Culture Plates (Surface . HiMedia Catalogue PAGE 1 / DOWNLOAD; MB . HiMedia Laboratories Pvt. Ltd Catalogue 1kg Ammonium acetate For Molecular Biology For more details refer MB chemicals MBG gm.

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HiMedia Chemicals and Plastic ware Catalogue 2018-19

We provide highest quality, safety and reliability. HiMedia Laboratories has a strong presence in this area overseas and also in the domestic market with its broad portfolio of laboratory products used in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology research and quality assurance. With this distribution agreement, HiMedia will be the strategic partner to VWR to bring its wide range of products to Indian laboratory market and the latter will be an exclusive distributor for HiMedia innovative product line of Hi-Veg micro biological and cell culture media for North America.

Dispase Solution Collagenase Solutions Trypsin 0. Please login to your HiMedia Account to add list of favourites. HiMedia Laboratories, with six manufacturing facilities in India, has a workforce of over people in India and a research and development centre Nashik in Maharashtra.


HiMedia Laboratories is a domestic catalogue company specialised in laboratory chemicals and microbiological culture media. Merck sources were not available for comments. Inline Pressure Filter Holder S.

If you are not having HiMedia account then please register yourself. Choose from our different product categories to find innovative solutions for your analytical applications, state-of-the-art research tools, or special raw materials to make your products unique.

The sources said HiMedia Lab had been catallogue at a much higher enterprise value, equivalent to more than three-four times of its current revenue of Rs crore by Merck.

HiMedia Chemicals and Plastic ware Catalogue

Our product line also includes chemicals and reagents solutions, acids and bases in uncommon concentrations, salts of the sulfonics acids, buffers and dye etc. The company is currently competing with global majors like Merck, Sigma and Fischer in the international markets. Sterility Test Filter Holder S. Dyes, Indicators and Stains.

Catalogue business a one-stop provider of the entire product range used in pharma and biotechnology research and quality assurance labs in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry is currently a fast-emerging concept in the country following its strong and wider acceptance in the global markets. No Enquiries in chemicwls List.


HiMedia Lab executives, when contacted, declined to comment on the development. In order to save your products added in the Enquiry List until the final submission, you have to be a registered user with login Information.

HiMedia provides the most comprehensive range of products and enabling technologies for chemical research.

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Copyright HiMedia Laboratories. Reproduction of any materials from the site is strictly prohibited. Market sources said HiMedia Lab may not be interested to exit from the business immediately.

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