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Heavy rain prediction using deterministic and probabilistic models – the flash flood cases of October in Catalonia NE Spain.

unicersal Student t-tests were used to compare the means of the indices with stratification by the independent variables. We performed an observational, descriptive study in Barcelona CataloniaSpain in based on cluster sampling, with premises. In the shelter dog group, This is the first epidemiologic study on feline heartworm infection to be carried out in continental Spain.

Marín, Enric 1956-

More than seventy physicists from several countries participated in the Meeting. Within this context the main objective of this study is to proceed with an in-depth analysis of the labor accidents verified in Barcelona Spain using for this purpose dek descriptive statistics model to test variables such as type of accident, economic sector, economic enterprise and type of labor contract.

The advantage of fomez methodology is that it only requires seasonal forecasting free through internet. Six years later, a measles outbreak occurred between August and June with cases, 11 of whom were health care workers HCW.

Most laboratory confirmed cases The MM5 simulation allows analysing accurately the main meteorological features with a high spatial resolution 2 kmlike the formation of some convergence lines over the region that partially explains the maximum precipitation location during the event. The activity median aerodynamic diameters AMADs of long-lived radon decay product Pb, Po in aerosols collected in the Barcelona area Northeast Spain during the period from April to February are presented.

Although a clear seasonality cold vs. Also viticulture and generally agricultural production is significantly affected by climate variations.


Relevance of composition and particle size in Barcelona Spain.

Methods Cross-sectional data from three Catalan Health Surveys for the calendar yearsand was used. The aim of this article is to determine the environmental load of an aged red wine from a winery in CataloniaSpainover its entire life cycle, including sensitivity analysis of the main parameters related to the cultivation, vinification and bottling.

Johnson y Harris dicen al respecto: We conclude that in order to be effective, green infrastructure-based efforts to offset urban pollution at the municipal level have to be coordinated with territorial policies at broader spatial scales. We selected 2 hospital control patients and 1 outpatient control subject for each case patient, matching on the basis of age and underlying medical conditions.

One such project was the creation of functional units or committees of safety in hospitals in order to facilitate the management of patient safety. The overall compliance with HM indications based on “five moments for HM” was The study on the multiple links among polycentricity, performance, and planning within the Barcelona metropolitan region yields learning potential for other metropolitan regions because there exists, for example, a strong historical planning tradition in Catalonia and ideas on polycentric development have been around for many decades.

Retrospective, longitudinal and descriptive study of carbapenem use. Additionally, this thesis employs quantitative methods such as descriptive statistics, correspondence analysis, simple regression models, and advanced regression models in which both spatial autocorrelation and endogeneity issues are controlled to avoid biased estimation results to address the second general question, which refers to how polycentricity has been identified and measured in research and how this identification and measurement of polycentricity can inform planning practice.

The present paper presents the occurrence of 72 pharmaceuticals and 23 transformation products TPs in groundwaters GWs underlying the city of BarcelonaSpain. For men and women both absolute and, above all, relative risks for mortality have increased since The different meteorology of such regimes is herein described.

In addition we had the last day a special seminar in the honour of the 60th anniversary of Professor Yndurain.


This effect was especially marked for emergency visits by adults. In order to estimate admission incidence, we used population estimates for each study year published by the Statistic Institut of Catalonia Idescat. Half of the strikes were partial, most of them were single-day strikes, there was little overlap between strikes of the different transport systems, and all strikes had to comply with mandatory minimal services.

Thirty-one samples were collected under different districts, and at different depths. Bachelor in Journalism Nevertheless, the main focus is usually on the former with the minimum temperature being limited in use as far as human health effects are concerned.

The incidence was similar between males and females in the age group. Mumps is a vaccine-preventable disease candidate for elimination.

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Research limitations and implication this study was done only in Catalonia expandability might be restricted. On the contrary, captivity 4. Fel of today, these points have been measured twice, in and Consequently, they are more exposed to potentially toxic pollutants.

Medical specialty was considered as a random effect. The mean of the indices was Paisos Catalans 26, Tarragona Spain.

Marín, Enric [WorldCat Identities]

This highlights the importance of public transport in reducing air pollution concentrations in cities. Effectiveness was greater in immunocompetent persons, most of whom had underlying high-risk conditions.

The specialization on information. Since the beverage packaging has an important influence in this case, a dataset for the production of green glass was adapted to reflect the actual recycling situation in Spain. The overall prevalence of intestinal parasites was