The Neanderthal Parallax is a trilogy of novels written by Robert J. Sawyer and published by Tor. It depicts the effects of the opening of a connection between two versions of Earth in different parallel universes: the world familiar to the reader, and another where Neanderthals became the dominant intelligent hominid. That, believe it or not, is just one of the bizarre thematic conundrums Bob Sawyer bitch-slaps readers with in Hominids, a work of pop-literary shock-and-awe that. In this polished anthropological SF yarn, the first of a trilogy from Nebula Award winner Sawyer (The Terminal Experiment), Neanderthals have.

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Robert Sawyer is a hugely popular science fiction author, with a surprisingly devoted international following the Spanish love him! After an experimental mishap, physicist Ponter Boddit is transported from his Neanderthal universe to our human-populated universe. Robedt the portal closed, and the humans lacking the technology of his advanced civilization, he tries to make sense of this sawysr world full of murder, jealousy, privacy, religion, and stinking fossil fuels Neanderthals use only clean fuel on account of their big nostrils.

In the meantime, he develops a romantic interest in a Catholic DNA researcher who just survived a rape cue: In fact, that seems to be his M.


When I read Sawyer, I envision him sitting in a university office, or at bar, hominnids amiably with a scholar of his momentary subject. Sawyer dapples and plops his newfound learnings into his books, like sour cream on a baked potato.

The Neanderthal Parallax

Built correctly, with all of the right tools, yet that recycled particle board will topple when pushed. Besides that, the dialogue is contrived hominidss expository, a chore to read when the narrative is equally as artificial.

His imaginary world contains some intriguing ideas that might make mainstream readers squirm.

By juxtaposing his parallel Neanderthal world with our own, he criticizes human notions of capitalism, religion, marriage, crime, etc. His speculations about the Neanderthal world, based on anthropological research, are a little more interesting, which include:. As I said before, Robert Sawyer is hugely popular worldwide, and I suspect his thin, yet accessible, delivery makes translating a breeze.


Not only does he often win top SF awards in Europe and China, but his books are common staples in overseas bookstores. But I may be a little more cautious picking up another book by him. I remember really enjoying the first third or so of Hominids, and then feeling preached at for the rest of it. My husband read the 2nd book in the series and gave up, but I never got past the 1st one. Like roberrt old man trying to send back soup hominiss a deli.


SF : Hominids / Robert J. Sawyer ☆☆

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Notify me of new posts via email. I never homindis that I was reading a story. His speculations about the Neanderthal world, based on anthropological research, are a little more interesting, which include: Therefore, the Neanderthal population remains small, and only increases every 10 years. And this is speculative fiction, after all. Twitter Reddit Facebook Tumblr.

The Neanderthal Parallax – Wikipedia

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