The book titled How to Judge a Horoscope by B.V. Raman: Volume 1 in English in PDF format. How to Judge a Horoscope is a departure from the conventional method of treatment of astrology. It is a study in the use of Horoscope in every man`s daily life. Bangalore B. V. Raman PREFACE TO NINTH EDITION How to Judge a Horoscope is a book on the practical or applied side of astrology.

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They are usually good looking. Jupiter and the Moon are malefics and Mercury is a neutral.

The Religion of the Rigveda. The lord of Lagna may therefore be declared as middling in strength.

Shriyans marked it as to-read Apr 08, Lagna Balance of Saturn Dasa jduge birth: Lagna is no doubt occupied by Ketu but Ketu is actually in the 12th bhava. Occult tendencies are well marked. He psychologically feels that there is something wrong with his health.

Saturn exalted and the Sun debilitated aspect Lagna.

Introduction to Hindu Dharma. Ayurvedic Cooking for All. Published October 30th by Motilal Banarsidass, first published January 1st He is subject to Subhakarthari Yoga and there is neechabhanga for him. This gives somewhat of a rash nature. Sushka planets are the Sun, Mars and Saturn. If all the planets aspect iudge ascendant he will be strong, wealthy and long-lived.


Sri B.V.Raman Books

It is from the breast that the baby suckles its nourishment while General Introduction 3 happiness and pleasure proceed from the mind. He will also acquire silver and goldware and other precious metals and stones according to the ramab of the lord. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

They feel shy to exhibit their talents before new audiences. In late years they must be careful about their lungs as they are liable to suffer from rheumatic pains judgge the like.

The subject had absolutely no travels. The Supreme Yoga 2 Vols.

How to Judge a Horoscope: Volume 1 and 2 (Set of 2 Books)

Ketu Sun Ketu Sat. And when the ascendant is Taurus, Saturn becomes 9th and 10th lord and hence a yogakaraka. Hence the first house has acquired considerable strength. If afflicted, it indicates discord in married life. In physical features Mars was prominent: Saturn, Mercury and Venus are malefics.

Compare this horoscope with the Chart No. The exact nature of his ill- health should be ascertained from the 6th house. There are hundreds of combinations given for each house and it is for the reader to try the merits of these various configurations.


D N marked it as to-read Jul 15, Lists with This Book. If Rahu, Mars and Saturn occupy the ascendant, the person will have some trouble in his sexual organs. Thus Lagna is free from malefic associations. The native will take interest in music, drama and singing.

Jupiter, lord of the 9th, occupies Lagna. It makes one an idealist, a great traveller and explorer. Saturn was transiting the 2nd from the radical Moon when the native of this chart died.

Vijaya rated it liked it Sep 06, This book is not yet featured on Listopia. The first child does not survive, not much happiness from children, short tempered, subservient and serving others.

How to Judge a Horoscope I by B.V. Raman

The Twelfth rules losses ; expenditure, waste, extravagance, sympathy, divine knowledge, Moksha and the state after death. Death occurred in the sub- period of Rahu in Saturn’s Dasa. They are deeply attached to their family and children. aa