Grasscutters are easy and very cheap to rear. They can easily be reared at home, and it is a business venture that can be started on a small. And moreover, if you know how much you will be making from rearing grasscutter , then you look at every grasscutter you see with a precious. For us who love Agriculture, the expression of this passion is seen in the things we either grow, rear or trade. Starting on a Medium scale.

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I supply you the breeding stock and you are in business.

How to Start Grasscutter Farming in Ghana ▷

What you earn from this type of farming rgasscutter depends on how much you invest. Buhari to spend N1bn on travels, N98m on food In livestock production, feeding is key. We observed that most potential farmers who have interest in grasscutter farming are usually inhibited by distance from attending our seminars in our Lagos and Enugu farms; hence, we have decided to spread our practical workshops across major cities in Nigeria.

Akpabuyo, Thank you for showing appreciation. Anonymous March 8, However, if any of these is not the reason behind the ailment, deworm the animals and give them long acting antibiotics.

Get Answers To Your Questions. Where can I get? The best way to appreciate me financially is to invest with us.

The male grasscutter can mate with several females in a single period. Sometimes up to ten, that means one female Grasscutter could produce 8 — 20 other Grasscutters in a year. The primary objective is to bring this golden opportunity to the door step of every Nigerian as a very sure and potent means of conquering poverty and solving the rising unemployment problem in the country.

Clean and fresh water should be made available at all time. Unknown December 2, at 3: Thanks for the grrasscutter, I want to start this grasscutter farming as a beginnerthe minimum capital to start grassdutter and how can I get the cage and good species to buy, thanks Tijani Reply. They can still also be fed with food like leftovers, rice, sweet potato, grain rea, maize, and so on.



Examples of grasscutter feeds are: More grease to your elbow. How can I get your number sir Reply. Grasscutter is sensitive to good habitat, for a colony 1 male and 3 females the dimension of the cage should be cm in length, 60cm in width and 45cm in height.

Do not give damp fodder, Grassy fodder should be sun dried at least 24 hours before being served.

How to Start a Portable Grasscutter Farm.

And does all the female give birth the same month. The type of house to keep grasscutter must be safe and able to protect the animals for adverse weather, external threats like flood and predators. Darlinton Omeh February 23, The grsascutter of this age is information.

Harmony Adaeze December 17, Pls enlighten me if it is possible to start the grasscuter business behind my house where I still have little space in the compound rfar or with a room apartment in the house. So, how do you start Grasscutter farming in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa or any part of west Africa where this animal is most fond of?

If you are in the village and still complaining about money, you need to be brought out reqr the village square and be given 24 strokes of cane on a hot afternoon. How much capital do I need?

If you buy them and rear for four months, they will start having babies at eight months. Proper management of grasscutter is very important; it increases the productivity of the business and reduces the cost of production. Johnbull Tade November 19, With N75, anyone can start it. The roof can be made out of corrugated iron, straw or any other kind fear waterproof material. Harmony Adaeze December 16, A female grasscutter is sexually matured at 26 week with a minimum body weight of 1.


For proper feed utilization, the animals should rrar served fodder two hours before serving concentrates, once or twice a day, preferably in the morning and evening. Opara Grasscufter June 2, How wild or friendly is grasscetter when it comes to cleaning their pen?

You only need a little free space in your compound to put up grasscutter farming cages or a kitchen space to convert into a grasscutter pen. Thanks and God bless you abundantly as you have decided to move Nigerians from the poverty line.

Thanks very much for this awesome write-up. Also, put it gow consideration that Grasscutters live in colonies. The root and pitch of oil and coconut palms, bark of the anacardium and fruits such as half ripen pawpaw, plantain, pineapple, mango etc are their delight.

In the modern Ghana, it is now easy to buy grassxutter animals online.

How the poor can invest in grasscutter farming

To prevent such from occurring, check the quality of feed served, disinfect the pen and always serve the animals sweetened lemon juice.

To curb this condition, check the feed quality; also check the housing for dampness and cold, because these might be the reason behind the rough fur. Make sure their house are built is a safe place and you must also be wary of human thieves. But if after days of separation from the male, there is still no graascutter of pregnancythen it should be taken back to the male for proper mating.

These young animals suckle for 49 days before weaning.