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Will do a follow up review in the future but as of now this is by far my favorite rig. Contact the site with comments or questions. This model requires There is of course the “falling off the cliff” and R2D2 sounds when on the fringe ico, repeaters but once you know the limits of the local repeater it is great.

Icom IC 2820H Radio Transceiver

Several hundred memories and several hours of work lost. Your location information can be sent simultaneously with the digital voice transmission.

The H has one of the worst-translated and most difficult to understand and least logically laid out manual it has ever been my pleasure to hate. This is a complex rig and it takes a while to get your head around the menu systems. Good but a better radio is now needed from ICOM as this one is showing its age, but here’s my spin on it: I purchased the first radio in Also, the cost is somewhat high when you consider that to add D-star, you need the UT module – an optional extra.

Transmitted audio is good. It works as a radio should i have it meanly for dstar. Location information exchange The ICH sends your location information either when the mic PTT switch is pushed, or at a preset interval 5 seconds – 30 minutes. The one-touch reply function makes it easy to respond to a calling station instantly.

Email Subscription You are not subscribed to this review. Once the conditions fall below a certain level, D-Star is sucked into a black hole, not a flaw, just the nature of the system.


For me the most damming weakness was intermod performance and susceptibility to paging systems interference. In all fairness I have only had the radio a few days so hopefully I will still feel the same a few months down the road. Within a single band, the radio compares signal strength from each antenna and chooses the better signal to maintain good sound and receive quality. The TX audio is tinny and pinched, devoid of low frequencies and must be modified to address the problems.

The diversity function compares the receiving signal strength from two different antennas, ANT1 and ANT2, and automatically selects the strongest signal. Band scope function The band scope function lets you watch conditions near the receiving frequency and visually assists in finding other stations. I would recommend this rig if you live in the sticks but not in the city as I find intermod renders it unusable at times. GPS alarm The GPS alarm alerts you by beeping when a preprogrammed point is within m or 1km range from your location or anyone of preprogrammed points is within a preset square range.

Straight out of the box it became self-evident that the mic is typical Icom quality, Chinese junk. Separate controller from main unit The controller is separated from the main unit for flexible installation.

I use third-party programming software which I found more capable than Icom’s. A soft reset should not erase the memories according to the manual.

IC-2820H Downloads

Yes, easy to figure out but I almost reassembled the radio before I noticed the extra screws. I tried with a D-Star HT, the machine was working perfectly. It is a seriously overpriced rig, and I think the price hike puts the rig beyond the budget range of many hams.

My main three complaints with the radio the reason I can’t give it 5 stars: Ico, upside of the H is that it has more screen real estate, and is easier to use and programme directly from the screen as opposed to the IDH. The ICH has a total of memory channels, regular channels, 2 call channels and 20 scan edge channels.


This radio comes with full function backlit HM remote DTMF hand mic, mounting bracket, power cord and spare fuses. On 28220h downside, the controls are small and difficult to use while driving. When available from a calling station, the ICH displays the distance and direction to the station. I get almost 60 watts on some portions of both bands. Everything seemed ok iicom I realized I was only 282h every other transmission of his.

I assume I got into the machine ok, according to the S meter it replied but I received it in normal FM mode, not DV mode as the radio was set to. FM transmission is not affected by this mod. This feature is useful when you are listening in a moving vehicle or the transmitting station itself is moving.

Obviously none of the above are killer issues and the radio itself is exceptional — so 4 out of 5.

Icom IC H Radio Transceiver | eBay

Not great for base station use. Mag mount control head is awesome. The ico of a 3u3 – 4u7 capacitor is pretty much mandatory and the capsule type, experimental perhaps. New to Ham Radio? They do not show that once the board is installed there are two screws that hold the board down, the pictorial just shows it plugging into the slot, no screws shown.

It is the perfect choice for my shack needs. The controller has magnets on the rear panel, allowing you to attach the controller to the main unit or other metal objects. If you have any questions, problems, or suggestions 28820h Reviews, please email your Reviews Manager.

This makes clean and neat installation easy!