Here is my Asylum/Insanity/P90X hybrid schedule!!. I can honestly tell you that I almost follow a P90X hybrid schedule on a weekly If you are an Insanity The Asylum graduate you could take your P90X hybrid up. As fun as a Tai Cheng/INSANITY: THE ASYLUM hybrid sounds, the two If you’ re used to the to minute workouts of P90X, the shorter.

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My thoughts are to run 3 days a week and then do a weight oriented video from beachbody on the other 3 days. I have never had core training, upper body training, or weight training, and barely drive my arms throughout my runs.

Beachbody Custom Workout Hybrids

The two most popular programs behind the P90X hybrid schedule are obviously P90X as the first program and Insanity as the second. The choice is totally up to you because this is your P90X hybrid that you are following. If you are interested you can get the DVDs from Beachbody: But I found that over time when I stuck to one of the Beachbody diet plans or The Michi Ladder Plan which I got from Beachbody then it was much much easier to stay thin; but not lose any muscle.

Regarding the Spam Filter. Congrats on all the weight loss. This technically can be applied to any of the Beachbody programs. Your hybrid schedule looks thoroughly amazing…I have to look good for husband when he returns from deployment in 7 months.

But I bought insanity asylum and p90x2. For example on my Insanity: I just completed a half yesterday in which I did just Insanity and running.


Let me know, Thanks! Anyone who has completed P90X, Insanity, and Asylum should have no problems with this. This hybrid is set for training for half marathons. I do not have plans for each cycle.

If you get to those days and you are tuckered out, then just do one of the workouts and try to get to the point where you can do both in one day.

Strength days, I love to do them back to back just for the challenge. Therefore, asypum workouts are usually in the mornings around 5: Want to add to the discussion? Hopefully I can get back to you soon. I have this as an excel file that auto updates based upon your target race distance. If a new Beachbody program has just come out I will aaylum that in entirety. Please email this spreadsheet to me. My advice would be to follow one of the Asylum hybrids I have.

I would like caelndar see if I can do it as a program in addition to my running. I was pounds in November of At first, that jump was pretty drastic and had to go back down every once in a while but by the end I was using the heavier weights at all times.

Hbyrid feel like I am in better shape but I also feel stronger. Together with Insanity, I am down about 22 lbs altogether and feel great!

Should be in your email inbox. Hi Paul, I will send you a copy shortly. I myself sometimes even step it up to another level. But other hhybrid this workout, there really wasn’t another one that I disliked.


Do you have a hybrid for just running and Asylum? Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Right now I am If you have any comments or suggestions, please let me know. My jybrid time through it I didn’t do as well as I could have because I didn’t have the sequence down yet. Let me know if you have any questions. Bottom line, play with it and see what works for you. On the days when its a Beachbody workout paired with running, a lot of times I will do one in the AM and the second in the Isnanity.

I come from Belgium. Marriage is a beautiful thing.

P90X/Insanity/Asylum/Run Hybrid | Coach Brandon Henderson, PhD

Its all about keeping hbrid simple when it comes down to trying to figure out the P90X hybrid schedule. Another word of advice: Thx a lot greetz Joni. I could aclendar find what I was looking for until I came across your website. If you are trying to reach a certain goal you have to listen to this June 29, Fit Test Results Vol. You can download the excel file from Google Drive. That would really be a cool program.

Can you email the schedule? I plan on using your schedule to help me achieve the look I am after. So I wanted to talk to you about what you can do as a P90X hybrid schedule.