RPG Item: Into the Shadowhaunt» Forums» Reviews · Post Thread | Subscribe sub options. There are no messages in this forum. Two young boys have gone from their home in the middle of the night, and their father, a silversmith named Quin Stasi has come to you for help. Act I – Into the Shadowhaunt (Spoiler) It’s here in Longsaddle where we find Jorges Moorges, Acquisitions Head of Respectable Ed’s.

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This page does not exist. I will also be running this next saturday. I ran this last night.

Into the Shadowhaunt: My First D&D Adventure

Into the Shadowhaunt Average Rating: Please select a support frequency. Wednesday, 11th June, Originally Posted by Cirlot Figure I’d go simple to start – half-elven fighter, though the wizard looks like fun.

The hints seem like an absolute necessity to understand knto, and even then, it seems obtuse.

Likewise – I have all of the core AND the basic set, just to be thurough. I supported because… “Cause Stone Cold said so and thats the bottom line! Has player toons, Monster toons, And a map.


Random Attribute Generation during Character Creation. GeekGold Bonus for All Supporters at year’s end: Originally Posted by Cirlot.

Photo 3 of 12 from Into the Shadow Haunt

I just took the adventure book to read over and the sheet with the second part to it. Same here – would be very good to play an introductory game! Shadwohaunt just picked up the module tonight to read it over and prep for the actual game. Add tags Tags separate by space: The DM should start by reading over the adventure to familiarize himself with the text. There are a few things that concern me, though. I’m definately up for this if there’s room for me.

So far we’ve got five players shqdowhaunt. March 13th – Event is over! Errors The following errors occurred with your submission. I’m running this next Saturday.

You can edit this page to create it. I’m just a volunteer at the game shop, so I don’t have the entire box I left that behind. I’ll be running this for a few of my players tomorrow to get a feel for things. Monday, 9th June, Yes, I got it last night and read it this morning. Also, those last few encounters seem really tough, but this is just a one shot, so if characters perish in the final battle, it’s not going to matter long-term.


I consider myself a fairly clever person, and I couldn’t even get it after reading the solution.

Has anyone else found the riddle too tough? I gave out some pencils and ink pens.

Yes the riddle is a pain in the ass. Find all posts by homebrewd Wizards of the Coast. Overall, I like it. Into the Shadowhaunt I was surprised to see a lack of threads on this or perhaps my search-fu tne weak?

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What monster minis are in the pack?