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Invierea de Lev Tolstoi

Even going to Siberia People should abide by the five laws of Bible preached by Christ- One that man should not kill and not even be angry with his fellow men. It is said that Mahatma Gandhi was inspired by writings of Tolstoy. I didn’t like him as much as I expected, especially as the novel progressed, and when you have issues with the protagonist, that gets into the way of enjoying the book. View all 14 comments.

Those last pages left so many thing unsaid, the novel would perhaps have been better without them. I was wondering how Tolstoy would approach the heavy incarceration rates of black Americans. He learns of her plight working in a brothel where she may or may not have been set up to poison a client to steal money, so Nekhlyudov is sent back into the past to realise that he really did love her and soon wants to know as much as possible about the case to try and get her acquitted as he is burdened with guilt for what she had become.

What moved me the most in this novel is: But he was not successful.

The fourth law is that man should forgive for any wrong done to him and should bear it humbly. Katerina Katusha Maslovavery prettya few years younger than the Prince has no family except an aunt, Matrona, that isn’t involved with her, Katerina’s mothera promiscuous woman gave birth to many children without the benefit of a marriage license.


Katherine Igoe Dmitri Nikhloydov Joanna Tope Princess Marya If you already read the novel, you cannot forget the characters – Katyusha Maslova and Nekhlyudov. Guilt and misgivings wracked him and so he tried to marry her.

He was on a mission with this book, and it’s pretty apparent in the writing, particularly in the last pages or so.

Men are like rivers: Oct 11, El rated it really liked it Shelves: I already read a few well known Tolstoy’s essays, and seeing some of his thoughts repeated felt a bit out of place. Perhaps Resurrection is not Tolstoy at its best, but even so, this novel is a powerful piece of writing, a gem of philosophy and a great insight into Tolstoy’s thinking.

She had become a prostitute. Starting out as a courtroom drama we soon get drawn into a hugely deep and moving narrative of an unjust system of criminal law, poverty and wealth at each end of the spectrum and one man’s personally crusade of redemption for a life lived where he uses his high position in society to take advantage of others.

Not a popular notion today.

Resurrection by Leo Tolstoy

My opinion is the exact opposite. And, he decides to act. Just nineteen, Dimitri is a student at the university, which he does more carousing than studying, constantly pestering his widowed mother, Princess Elena for more money.

It ivnierea a story of Nekhlyudov’s search for redemption from his past, his awaking to the reality of how the state and its bureaucracy crushes both the innocent and the poor, and a philosophical examination of how the fundamental’s of Christianity are often overlooked by the State and organized religion when people lose sight of the very basic idea of loving other people. Maslova, one of the two accused women as a young maid he deflowered when both were teens a decade earlier during a visit to his aunts’ home.


Knowing that Tolstoy at midlife transformed himself from a dissipate aristocrat into a penitent, saintly celibate, and pacifist and vegetarian too, had me a bit worried when I picked up the book. Land should not be owned; Tolstoy followed the theories of American political tollstoi and philosopher Henry George. His concern now is shifted to the prisoners who are suffering in the prisons without any basic amenities.


He introduced the moral values and the love of God in his epic Resurrection as the ultimate solution for the reforming of vice that had inviierea rooted in the people. When Prince Nekhlyudov is called to serve on a jury, he realizes that one of the accused is Katusha Maslova, a woman he recognizes from his younger days.

As most of us know, the art of fiction, in its highest form, requires a compelling story from which revelations are never spelled out, but rather flow under the surface to the intelligent reader.

While reading the novel I was constantly thinking of Ferguson.

Invierea by Lev Tolstoi | LibraryThing

Uno de los presos en la novela de Tolstoi, Novodvorov, expresa claramente algo sobre el poder que tiene tiene hoy singular vigencia cuando dice: John Buick Directed by Lu Kemp. The living conditions are vividly portrayed. Also have to give penguin classics a lot of credit as this version is impeccable, with a great introduction, bonus material and a wonderful translation by Anthony Briggs who has worked on other Russian classics.

Later in life, he also wrote plays and essays.