Plum Spooky () is a novel by Janet Evanovich starring the fictional character Stephanie Plum. It is one of four holiday novellas in the series that star the. Plum Lovin’ is a novel by Janet Evanovich. It is the 14th book in the Stephanie Plum series. In this Valentine’s Day between the numbers novella bounty. Klutzy bounty hunter Stephanie Plum teams up with mysterious Diesel Janet Evanovich, Author, Lorelei King, Read by, read by Lorelei King.

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Trenton, New Jersey United States. Instead, she was smart, resourceful and interesting. Stephanie sure gets herself in to a bunch of problems. I think it’s the best of the “Between the Numbers” books, and better than book 14, even if I still don’t like Diesel as well as Ranger and Morelli.

I had five monkeys in the Jeep and two sitting on the roof And while Plum Spooky did cause me to laugh out loud several times, it is only so-so. It was gooooood stuff.


Well, I usually enjoy the Stephanie Plum books, even these between-the-number chapters, but for some reason this book just didn’t ‘hit the spot’. Irritating and frustrating to realise that Evanovich is just going to keep these characters going with no end in sight. While spooky things may be happening in the book, it isn’t because it’s Halloween.

Rounding out the bunch is a guy whose farts set his ass aflame. I read an interview Evanovich did a couple years ago, saying that her fans would kill her if she ever stopped writing about Stephanie, or had Stephanie finally choose once jaet for all, Morelli, or Ranger? Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Stephanie spent far to much time rambling around in the Pine Barrens without accomplishing anything, Stephanie depended an awful lot on the big strong men around her to keep her janwt even though they didn’t and she did get some crotch-kicking inand I spent a lot of the book not caring or even remembering what they were trying to accomplish.


Evanovich fans and fans of humerous mysteries.

In the regular books, there is tension between Ranger and Morelli, but in these “Between the number” novels, Plum has been involved with DIESEL, a charismatic super sleuth who has odd powers that he uses to defend good guys from bad guys.

Munch is a year-old kid-sized genius with no friends or social skills who beaned his boss with a coffee mug and ran off with a prototype invention he’d been working on. It’s a great idea to combine two series with fan favorite characters, but Stephanie already had 2 men chasing after her or is she chasing themas well as her mother’s blind date fix-ups And yes, JJ was right, Ranger finally did smile.

While this is a evanovjch decent story I think she is really pushing the “out there” qualities of the characters. I don’t get it.

Stephanie Plum is back in town, along with her sidekick Lula, her Grandma Mazur, and an ever-widening cast of freaks, criminals, deranged felons, and lunatics looking for love.


This time, he’s the instigator for Stephanie’s new adventure, which involves camping in the Pine Barrens with Lula, and perhaps even a sighting of the Jersey Devilso hang on for a Stephanie Plum novel that is sure to send chills up your spine-it gives new meaning to the words hilarious, and “spooky.

Since the title is Plum Spooky, perhaps I’ll pick it up again closer to the Halloween season and will enjoy it more.

PLUM SPOOKY by Janet Evanovich | Kirkus Reviews

I used to love the Plum books, don’t know what happened to JE. And – even in a supernatural book – to give the monkey such a personality and communication skill was too much. It is mainly the somewhat sloppy storyline that disappoints me. I got about halfway through and am going to put this aside for now. First the book review goes on Goodreads, and then I send it on over to my WordPress blog at https: In this Stephanie Plum installment all the characters make an appearance: See 1 question about Plum Spooky….

Plus, the characters seemed off to me.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Stephanie Plum novels can never get crazy enough to surprise me anymore, jaanet yet I always end up laughing.

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