JBL 4435 PDF

Specifications. Type: 2 way, 2 driver loudspeaker system. Frequency Response: 30Hz to 16kHz. Power Handling: W. Crossover Frequency. I’ve got an opportunity to buy a pair of JBL studio monitors for 5K, just wondering is it worth the money. Anybody got this model and can. I agree with the report of Mattera. Pregnant with a very respectable volume, which offer substantial firepower. It takes watts (and big) to make them sound.

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The obvious answer is to get both and figure out which one to keep over the next decade or two.

Your name or email address: That is their greatest forte. The settings remain on separate medium acute compression, but even active, we can feel a jbll lack of tweeter, following the implementation, due to a more robust low end. Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services. The Marantz is per channel. Unlike large panel speakers which create a lot of reflected and direct sound from a tall line source these ubl don’t do anything to hide where they are so you know you’re listening jbp speakers but they seem to pull all of the detail out of most recordings.

I now have a line on empty cabinets price indeterminate. All opinions would be appreciated!! Do you already have an account?

JBL 4435 vs JBL 4343B

Agreed on the bling-factor of the ‘s but I’m in the camp for quality playback – especially at high volume. The and crossovers are close in parts count but not the same and I can make the needed changes reversible then collect the parts to once again populate the s.


My plan was to finish the project I’m currently working on, then, next, have boxes built to mimic the anyway. I thought I read they need about watts to run correctly. Would anyone be willing to give me their opinion on which of the two would be the more desirable from a sonic and collectable standpoint. Sure the rolls of some where around 18, hz, but there isn’t much up there anyway but dog whistles.

By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our jl of cookies. I’ve owned the JBL and these are just as good, if not even better in some areas. Thanks for any information.

No, create an account now. I can say that the speaker is very unfussy about placement.

Your name or email address: I have heard that s are orders of magnitude better. Sort by most recent most useful. Brad MullerOct 21, Go to JBL’s website and bring up the tech papers on the two speakers, that should convince which is better jb.

On the other hand, to my ear in my roomthey sound a little “thin” compared to my L make-overs. Very natural high hat sounds, not random white noise. My current speakers are Depending on the reverb time of the room then I imagine you could develop db or more anywhere in a room with 2 speakers with watts per channel. You know you’re looking through a window but you can still see everything there.

You must 44355 in or sign up to reply here. That would totally depend on your ears. Thats a new MC if you don’t need peaks. A few minutes ago, while listening to them, I realized that the music wasn’t coming from the speakers at all. This is all based on my own experience and opinion and I’d hate to lead you astray. It will take a lot for them to begin compressing.


It probably puts out about watts RMS. Originally Posted by TonyM. Extended version of theproduced by Parallel and advanced during the same period, this model compared to the latter an extension of severe and extreme severe in terms of output capacity and bandwidth.

HUGE Single 1 Pc. JBL Studio Monitor Speaker | eBay

While they are efficient I wouldn’t go too small on the amp. The biradial horns do work as advertised, I think that’s why they are so easy to set up. I have a pair of Altec 19s with the horns that I’ve slopped all kinds of stuff all over to reduce the resonances on and the biradials sound much better than them.

Divide it again and you get about 95 watts, for dB, in a decent-sized room. EarlKZonker92 and hjames like this. Do you already have an account?

User reviews: JBL – Audiofanzine

Does your source have a low output level, I wonder? TradefolderNov 5, Its a great read. Both have their issues but overall are in fair to good shape. Our members also liked: BTW – I have the s to do this with.

Zonker92Dec 9, Your name or email address: You mean the odds of a snowball in Florida? Pregnant with a very respectable volume, which offer substantial firepower. Unlike s, they will also play higher than 16K, although that’s academic to my ears.