As the first collection of his talks to students and teachers, Life Ahead clearly illustrates Krishnamurti’s views on education. In the introduction, he writes, “It seems. Life Ahead. Part 1. Life Ahead Part One Chapter 7. You know I have been talking about fear; and it is very important for us to be conscious and aware of fear. Life Ahead presents lessons that move far beyond the traditional forms of education Krishnamurti exposes the roots of fear and eradicates deeply entrenched.

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So, the general goal of life for man is some kind of hope, some kind of safety, some kind of permanency. Answers nearly all questions that everyone is looking for. If I develop higher influences will I eventually see the ultimate? Where Can Peace Be Found?

Then you will find out. Throughout the world we can see that people are perverted by fear, aheax in their ideas, in their feelings, in their activities. Quotes from Life Ahead: Annie Besant, then president of the Theosophical Society. Are you really interested to find out? Facing a World in Crisis. Freedom, Love, and Action. He communicated to his listeners a deep sense of respect for nature.

So, ambition and interest are two different things, are they not? It is what you make of life. So either he goes after what he calls God, which is just another form of ambition, or he tries to become somebody in the world. Wise Teacher, Wise Student. Texts and talks of Jiddu Krishnamurti. One man feels less than another and struggles to get to the top. The Observer Is The Observed. The Practice of Lojong.


Gave me a lot to think about. Jun krishnamufti, Marcy rated it really liked it. Then you will not grow up just to be married off and become a thoughtless clerk or a breeding machine, losing yourself in this ugly pattern of life like waters in the sands.

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So, to really experience that which may be called God, you must be completely quiet; and have you not found out how extremely difficult that is? What Would Buddha Do? To you he hardly even exists. You yourself want safety, permanency, happiness; you want something to which to cling.

It is best suited to the student in high school or college about to jump into the real world, but one reason I enjoyed it was because of this raw delivery format. Jan 26, Devon rated it it was amazing. I am not particularly interested in having a personal goal, but I want to know what is the goal for everybody. Have you ever thought about it?

You may read about wars in history, but you do not know the actuality of it, how cities are completely destroyed, how the hydrogen bomb, when dropped on an island, causes the whole island to disappear.


So few of us have krishnmaurti thought about it.

When he addressed large audiences, people felt that Krishnamurti was talking to each of them personally, addressing his or her particular problem. Krishnamurti exposes the roots of fear and eradicates deeply entrenched habits of tradition, limitation, and prejudice. But if as a boy I am interested in being an engineer because I want to build beautiful structures, marvellous irrigation systems, splendid roads, it ahaed I love engineering; and that is not ambition.


To prepare the world for this coming, a world-wide organization called the Order of the Star in the East was formed and Krishnamurti was made its head. To prepare the world for this coming, a world-wide organization called the Order Jiddu Krishnamurti was born on 11 May in Madanapalle, a small town in south India.

On Love and Loneliness. The world is beautiful, the earth is bountiful; but we are the spoilers of it. The Dignity of Living. Understanding Freedom and Discipline.