Welcome to Bullet Park, a township in which even the most buttoned-down gentry sometimes manage to terrify themselves simply by looking in the mirror. When in John Cheever turned from the lovable Wapshots to the weird creatures who inhabit Bullet Park, most reviewers attacked or. Jenne begins with Joyce’s Dubliners while I flip open a novel by John Cheever, Bullet Park. I had picked it up used a few months ago after being intrigued by.

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Bullet Park – Wikipedia

Well-dressed and middle-aged, with the exposed cottony chest hair of a cartoon porn producer, he informs us that he designs clothing — he is the president of some well-known company. It is also true that the book helped me to crystallize something formerly inchoate within myself.

Locations – Rome, the Italian Alps, Switzerland, Cleveland – come and go without need or apparent purpose. That’s the line, the line for me.

Upstairs are the slanted-roof rooms where my parents and brother and I used to play card games deep into the night while the lady of the house slept downstairs. I just don’t feel like getting up. The first half of the preamble belongs to Nailes, and is told in a roving 3rd pe Extraordinarily bizarre novel with some gorgeous, hilarious sections of writing. We are experiencing technical difficulties. She paid attention to politics, knew something of history.

Some rains seemed to let down like a net from the guileless heavens of her childhood, some rains were stormy and bitter, some fell like a force of memory. Reading any sentence in this book, it seems not only impossible that anyone would surpass him in ability and intellect, it sometimes feels impossible that there even exists a human being who could understand and articulate something so majestically and powerfully.

Cheever makes it fresh, and throws in the counterpoint to the protagonist Nailles — the sociopathic Hammer who decides on a whim to murder Nailles’ son. There is also a cheefer amount of character-driven homophobia, and this feels like that rare case where knowing about the author’s personal life – Cheever’s famous bisexuality – helps explain something that would otherwise be a flaw. Homocidal maniacs that make a big hit at cocktail parties will always exist and really, what else do we have to fill byllet history books of America?


The locals are suicidal, homicidal, adulterers, racist, impossibly sad, addicted to illegally prescribed medicines, TV, cigarettes and alcohol and at the end of the week they all go to Christ’s Church like the good little Christians they are. My grandmother lived in Westport, Connecticut, for more than forty years. The first section of the book is devoted chever to Nailles, an earnest husband and mouthwash salesman struggling to reconcile the animal facts of existence with the stifling suburban milieu.

O cafard, essa coisa peluda e negra.

His teenage son is depressed. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. A graduate of Northwestern University, she read prolifically throughout her life.

And what do the repeating tropes, like the white threads on clothing, the yellow room, allusions to homosexual panic, and the unaccounted for drowsiness of both would-be murderer and his victim, signify? Possibly but then why would Cheever put such an attack in the mind and hands of another middle class nutcase?

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. We only know the “American Dream” usually fails, but Cheever reminds us why we are okay with that. While he looks at the screen, she turns her attention on Jenne. I mean, his tone cehever easy enough to decipher, but his point eludes me.

Occasionally amusing, often interesting, but more than anything baffling. Try to avoid the back jacket copy, or any summary, because the lesson here is in the insane delay of plot – it’s a page preamble, then 20 brief pages of action, and if you know what’s coming it will take away most of the fun.

There’s no other way and there’s not a huge amount of hope in the novel. While he speaks, a slender, attractive blonde woman jockeys silently for his attention.

Bullet Park

The writing is more modern than I expected, having never read Cheever before. Carried the paperback around with me for the three or four days I mohn it, sneaking reads in chairs here or cars there and lines everywhere – luxuriating in Cheever’s masterful, seemingly effortless and eternally enlightening delightful descriptions of lounge light, thanatonic thunder, scary suburbia, mad mothers, fucked-off fathers, and, as always, alcoholism.


As we truck around the house, gathering up our things, I feel a great surge of gratitude. And where Mad Men is always perfect in form and style, Cheever is like a bull set loose: Also by John Cheever. I’ll read it again some time, now that I know what to expect. Most people I know really don’t like this book.

This article needs additional citations for verification. Part 1, the “death to suburbia” section about Nailles’s life, is a tour de force of ideas and writing, but is still a tour of the very subdivisions where it’s set — i. Part three has Hammer snatching Tony and almost burning him when the Swami saves him.

Bookslut | Reading Cheever in Bullet Park

It presents a much more bulllet and complex portrait of suburbia than we are used to getting take, for example, the well-intentioned but lazily written “Mad Men”even down to the structure of its narrative which to me resembles the winding lanes and culs-de-sac of a housing development. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. That road and all the rest of the freeways and thruways were engineered for clowns and drunks.

Cheever was not a novelist.

Two parts are dedicated to each character’s relationship to, or in contrast to, suburban life, and climaxes where the tension of their two worlds meet. After a summer thunderstorm renders the nearby river unusable, we settle down to read. Nov 15, Ben rated it it was amazing.