John Myung: Progressive Bass Concepts (Bass Guitar, John Myung, Hudson Music, DVDs / Videos, 05 September , HRT) en-GB. Book – Bass – John Myung – Progressive Bass Concepts – Uploaded .. Berklee – Guide to Jazz Improvisation – Lesson 1 – Bass Uploaded. Get the guaranteed best price on Bass Guitar Instruction DVDs like the Hal Leonard Progressive Bass Concepts – John Myung Video at Musician’s Friend.

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Hal Leonard Published on: Clear and detailed instruction, both on-screen and in the accompanying page booklet create an amazing learning experience that cannot fail.

Experienced musician and tutor Professor Anthony Vitti’s proven method will improve progrezsive fundamnetal skills that are necessary to freely express yourself on the Bass guitar in many musical styles. The exercises and demonstrations are intuitive and interesting, but are still easy to understand and can be applied to all levels of ability and styles.

More information at MusicRoom http: June 3, Learn how to lock into an airtight groove with Berklee professor and versatile bassman Danny Biok. In this Berklee Workshop, Morris gives you techniques to help you anchor your band with solid foundation of bass lines, chord progressions and rhythmic and harmonic variations.

Working with and without a drum machine, Morris breaks down the lrogressive of syncopation, rhythmic displacement, left-hand muting, and more.


His practical lessons will help you build your bass vocabulary, play with more variety and character, and keep your grooves in the pocket. October 1, Run Time: Tapping virtuoso Dewayne Pate has taken these techniques to higher musical ground, and presents each building block in a very practical, groove oriented fashion. His careful, systematic approach covers fundamental through advanced techniques including: Together with drumming legend David Garibaldi, Dewayne shows you how to create sensational tapping grooves in such styles as rock, blues, latin, funk and reggae.

Whether you intend to simply enhance your technique or make tapping the primary focus of your playing, myhng video will open a fascinating new world of possibilities! The entire presentation is well documented in a page booklet, including full musical notation and tablature. More information at Concdpts http: Music Star Productions Run Time: June 1, World-renowned bassist Rudy Sarzo has been treating audiences for decades to his unique style of playing with such multi-platinum recording groups as Ozzy Osbourne, Quiet Riot conceprs, Whitesnake and Dio.

In this informative and entertaining video, Rudy explains in detail his approach to recording, live performing, constructing your own original bass lines and developing your improvisational skills.

This instructional Bass DVD will take you from the beginner to intermediate levels. The easy to navigate menus offer random access to the skill levels and chapter points within each lesson, making it quick and easy to choose what you want to learn Download Hotfile.

For intermediate to advanced players. Includes a booklet with exercises and transcriptions More information http: Now below is the general jist of how simple to follow this DVD is.

Now when I first read that statement, I was a bit ‘errr She’s been nagging me to teach her to play anything musical for ages, so I though I’d finally try and shut her up. Now don’t tell her I said this she doesn’t use the internet so I should be safe!


Even less after she rang me to ask how to get the DVD player on the telly – even my Gran can conccepts that! I was quite stunned to return from work and find that she could play a few chords albeit slowly-slowly changing between them! It was only through lack of time that she hadn’t learnt Mozarts 5th Either he’s really good or I’m really bad at explaining!

A real bonus is that you don’t need to read music or bass guitar tablature to understand it, its all there in real live video for you to learn from. Grand bit of kit. He is credited with the invention of the slapping technique, which radically expanded the tonal palette of the bass, although pogressive himself refers to the technique as Thumpin’ and Pluckin’.

This is actually only a video produced by Rittor Music a Japanese Corporation where Larry Graham play some tunes and show his amazing canvas of techniques together with Kozo Suganuma a great japanese drummer. Here it is a list of songs on the video: Writer – Release yourself Download Hotfile.

Victor Wooten, Steve Bailey Studio: May 10, In Bass Extremes, Steve Bailey and Victor Wooten demonstrate how the bass mohn can supply bass lines, piano and guitar-style comping figures, lead solos, and percussion parts, in styles ranging from bebop to new age to heavy metal.

John Myung – Progressive Bass Concepts download

Each piece highlights different aspects of their amazing techniques-like Steve’s 3-finger technique or his awe-inspiring command of harmonics and chord voicings, or Victor’s incredible funk grooves, thumb and 2-handed tapping techniques. Special features include fourths and fifths bonus lesson, Billy Sheehan bonus performance, Bill Dickens DVD preview, printable reference material, matching book and CD preview, Internet connectivity, and additional product previews.

Between each performance segment, Steve and Victor walk you note-for-note through the melodies and techniques that make up each song, explaining and demonstrating everything at slow speeds. The term ‘walking’ is used to describe the moving feeling that quarter notes create in the bass part.

The specific goal of this book is to familiarize players with the techniques used to build walking bass lines and to make them aware of how the process works. Through the use of minutes’ worth of recorded rhythm tracks, players will have the opportunity to put the new learning directly into action. This book literally gives bassists the tools they need to build their own walking bass lines.

Lee also teaches right-hand techniques with blues concetps and arpeggios. This informative and entertaining video by Lee Rocker, a ‘new wave’ rockabilly master and co-founder of the Myunv Cats, teaches the spectacular multi-rhythmic slapping that will stop any show!

Features over step-by-step lessons with on-screen instructor John Arbo. Over 30 full motion split-screen videos show multiple angles and close-ups of both hands. Using an animated fretboard, recorded audio and variable-speed MIDI audio over songs and exercises teach all the skills you need to start playing. Learn to play using triads, fills, and syncopation, and learn to create a bass line for any song you like. Includes full multi-track audio as well as bass-only and no-bass audio options, so you can perfect your technique and play along with the band.


Also includes an automatic tuner, recorder, chord dictionary, and digital metronome to give you everything you need to start playing bass guitar. From the sun-bleached soul of Californication to the slap-bass pyrotechnics of Give It Protressive, here’s your chance to get a step-by-step guide to five of the Chili Peppers’ prohressive songs from across their varied career.

Phil Williams demonstrates every riff and lick, leaving no stone unturned as he dissects the unmistakable Flea style. Tutorials for five tracks including: Flea 1,12 GB http: Bass Guitar for Dummies Publisher: Be the force that relentlessly drives the music.

Rumble like the ominous thunder of an approaching storm. For you, it’s not enough just to be heard; you need to be felt, too. You need to play bass guitar. Imagine your favorite music without bass. It doesn’t work, does it?

The bass is the heartbeat of the music, the foundation of the groove, and the glue that holds together all the different instruments. You can feel the vibrations of the low notes — sometimes subtle and caressing, sometimes literally earthshaking — as comcepts propel the song.

The bass is the heart. So leave center stage to the other musicians — you have more important work to do.

Learning bass websites/books – Ultimate Guitar

The limelight may be cool, but bassists rule! You can find everything you need to dominate the bass in Bass Guitar For Dummies — whether you’re a beginner picking up a bass for the first time or an experienced player looking for way to improve. And you won’t drown in complicated music theory, either; this easy-to-understand reference gives you just enough music theory to get you on your way.

Progressie Guitar For Dummies includes the following topics and more: So put away the air bass guitar and get yourself the real thing. With the help of Bass Guitar For Dummies, you’ll be groovin’ in your own band in no time!

John Myung

John Patitucci – Electric Bass Vol. John Patitucci received worldwide acclaim for his fluid, horn-influenced work on the six-string electric bass. The first, entitled John Patitucci, reached 1 on the Billboard jazz chart and earned him two grammy nominations.

In addition to each of the transcribed exercises are a transcription of Bach Cello Suite No. Electric Bass 2 focuses on developing improvisational skills through ear-training and John discusses and demonstrates the specifics progressie the 6-string bass and how it differs from the standard 4-string. Patitucci is not only a master of the Bass Guitar but also a virtuosic improviser and he lends his experience and his vast knowledge to this poignant and practical lesson.

There is a wide range of didactic and educational material progessive this video which makes it suitable for beginners to pro players. John Patitucci born is an American jazz double bass and electric bass player, specializing in hard bop, contemporary and Brazilian jazz. He is widely regarded to be one of the greatest living bassists, on both acoustic and electric.