Whenever they pray they add Olorun Joseph Ayo Babalola. That is how much he is reverred by CAC adherents. This is one of the things that got us curious in. JABU, a private University in Nigeria to provide teaching, research and service that would encourage learning and stimulate academic exchange nationally and . Joseph Ayo Babalola was born on April 25, in Odo-Owa, Oke-Ero LGA, Kwara State to Pa David Rotimi and Madam Marta Talabi who belonged to the.

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Past and Presentpublished by the C. It was during his Oke-Bola revival that Orekoya reportedly raised a dead pregnant woman [21]. The success of the revival was accelerated by the conversion of both the Oba of Efon and the Oba of Aramoko.

A steamroller was first given to him on 1 April to work on the Osogbo — Ilesha road. He was baptized by Pastor J. Bola Are, who is aoy known all over the world. While the water is said to be used for healing of all illness and disease and it opening the womb of any barren women. Doctrinal differences between the two groups soon began to appear in forms babalila to the ones that caused the termination of the association with the American groups.

Food Science and Technology. It was headed by Pastor J. This god was situated on a bushy hill and no one dares goes there for fear of being harmed josepy the god or the python guarding it. However, he quit school when he decided to learn a trade and became a motor mechanic apprentice. A Philosophy and Religious Studies. Babalola was brought up as an Anglican.

When the Apostle got to this town he requested to visit the hill of this god. Babalola had not yet been baptized by immersion and Senior Pastor Esinsinade emphasized that he needed to go through that rite.


After serving the jail term, he went back to Efon Alaaye. Fatokun ,”The Apostolic Church Nigeria: Among the regulars was Isaiah 01uyemi who later saw the wrath of Bishop Smith of Ilorin diocese [8]. The man in a dazzling robe spoke at length about the mission he was to embark upon. Characteristically, people turned out to hear his preaching and see miracles.

In the midst of it were, in particular, the Ilesa and Oyan branches of the tabernacle. After some weeks that apostle went back to the truck, of the three leafs was Dry, the second was rust while the third one was very fresh.

On arrival at Accra, he was recognised by some people who had seen him at the Great Revival in Ilesa. Visit our Admission office or Call: The current Chancellor is the dynamic Pastor Dr. While the leadership of His church, Faith Tabernacle were in a crucial meeting related to their doctrines, on the agenda were a list of 24 items, they were able to discuss item number one when revival broke out at Faith Tabernacle, Oke-Oye, Ilesha.

To avoid bloodshed he was compelled to leave.

The missionaries also visited other towns in the present Ondo State. At the expiration of the prophesied forty-five days and epidemic of small pox broke ojseph and within 3 weeks about persons had died. Enabled by the power of the Holy Spirit he could spend several weeks in prayer.

As a matter of fact, the association between the Philadelphia group and the Faith Tabernacle of Nigeria was terminated following the marital problems of the leader of the American group, Pastor Clark. After a successful campaign in the Gold Coast he returned to Nigeria. Bainton, Early Christianity N.

Welcome to Joseph Ayo Babalola University!

From Creek Town, Babalola visited Duke town and a plantation where a national church existed joaeph the time. There was no visible mechanical problem, and Joseph became confused and perplexed. The assistant district officer in Ilesa in wrote that he visited the scene of the revival incognito and found a crowd of hundreds of people including a large contingent of the lame and blind and concluded that the whole affair was orderly [19].

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Babalola did not want to listen to this voice and he responded like many of the Biblical prophets, who, when they were called out by Yahweh as prophets, did not normally yield to the first call. Orekoya went on to reside in Ibadan where a great revival also broke out at Oke-Bola through him. Faith-based tertiary institution owned by the Christ Apostolic Church Worldwide. He was told that the sound of the bell would always drive away evil spirits.

All draft must carry the full names of applicants at the back. An entire building was provided for their comfort. Another noticeable feature of his work was the usage of water for healing which prompt the popular C. Balogun, Islamic Publication Bureau, This also resulted in the desolation of Churches in Ilesa because their members transferred their allegiance to the revivalist and that all the patients in Wesley Hospital, Ilesa, abandoned their beds to seek healing from Babalola.

Microbiology, Agricultural Science is acceptable in lieu of Biology. The missionaries entered the bush, cleared it and consecrated it as a prayer ground.

On June 14, he was transferred to Akure — Ilesha road. That figure must have doubled by now.

Status of College of Law

Information was derived from C. His people however refused to repent or change their ways they instead summarily beat him up and his family was subjected to heavy persecution by the people of the town. He was among the road workers who constructed the road from Igbara-Oke to Ilesa, working as a steam roller driver. Home Photo Gallery News.