Kahi Loa is more than a massage technique. Translated it means – Oneness through the flowing of sacred energy. It concentrates on the skin with the recipient . You don’t want to miss this unique opportunity for the Crystal Coast area! Space is limited! Kahi Loa I Saturday noon-6pm and. Kahi Loa II Sunday 9am-6pm. Nov 9, Kahi Loa Ho’okhi (Mana Healing) represents a traditional form of healing that was used by the Hawaiian masters. Kahi Loa means “long glide,”.

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I was barely aware of those gentle hands encircling my whole being, which soaked up each massage stroke like a sponge. Children were massaged throughout infancy, often into adolescence. Mobile Uploads photos. Skip to content Kahi Loa is one of the ancient Hawaiian systems of bodywork that falls under the general category of Lomi Lomi. Bearing a significant part of ooa Huna philosophy, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage evolved out of the temple massage originally performed by medical kahunas.

It is a system preferred by the Hawaiian Kupua healerbecause of its simplicity and ease of application. According to the principle that energy follows attention, it increases the power of the impact of treatment. Something inside told me not to ignore this calling, so in May of that year I visited the beautiful island of Kaua’i and instantly felt as if I had come home.

Healing was viewed as an ongoing process, known to be accelerated and enhanced through living by certain concepts and associated behaviour. Touch seems to be an almost forgotten language even though it is the oldest form of healing known to mankind. Kaih is not surprising, considering that many of us are deprived of something that is really a natural basic requirement and a requisite to our overall health because deep inside each human being is the need to be loved and accepted.

Accordingly, the massage is divided into seven parts and is lpa on the back and on the front of the body. What is Kahi Loha Massage?

Kahi Loa Shamanic Therapy

And this massage by the gentle touch and some stroking movements over the body, gives the opportunity to release all of them. Massage or even a slight touch was taken seriously and was considered much more than just an expression of affection or play.

She also reported that she felt more joy. Used by shamans, medicine men and healers all iahi the world, it was also incorporated into religion and life styles.


Touching and stroking is therapeutic and vital to our physiological and emotional well being. Two more trips followed to study the ancient esoteric Polynesian Huna philosophy, which forms the foundation of Kahi Loa. Depending on the health condition and choice of the receiver himself. Her travels took her to Australia, Bali, Thailand, India and in she followed a calling to the Hawai’ian Islands, where she found her spiritual home and connected with la Spirit ,ahi Aloha.

Susan also introduced her to Kahi Loa — a traditional Hawai’ian healing art, which was widely used by the master healers.

Deprivation of tactile stimulation can cause emotional damage in children and lead to behavioural problems, such as extreme shyness, fear or aggression and the inability to show affection. At the beginning of treatment, the therapist will say a blessing and the client may be asked to set their intention for the healing they would like to receive.

Therapist notifies each subsequent element which is being called for cooperation. The invocation of the power of mana, breathing techniques, visualization, chanting, and prayers asking for the free flow of energy through the recipient are blended with a variety of long, flowing massage strokes.

The only real sin the Hawai’ians knew was that of intentionally harming another living being including themselves and in accordance with their belief that everything has energy, this too applied to thoughts which were said to hold energy. As a result, the whole body is relaxed and happy. The 19th Century wasting disease “Marasmus” claimed the lives of many orphans before their first birthday and a study undertaken many years later established the link between lack of tactile contact and these babies’ deaths.

The skin often holds much tension, which is relieved through light pressured finger or hand movements and on or above the body touching and stroking. The Benefits of Kahi Loha Kahi Loa’s purpose is to stimulate an abundant flow of life force in the recipient. This incredibly gentle modality is very connected with the Elements as they occur within tradicional Hawai’ian spiritual culture.

Kahi Loa Ho’okhi (Mana Healing) – The Center for Wellness Leadership

lia Then, in early something unusual happened that would change my life: The skin also accurately reflects our emotional state and many skin conditions are thought to be of emotional origin. The intention is to relax the muscles, increase circulation, and break down adhesions. But, what does happen when we touch?


While simple in nature, Kahi Loa contains depths that can produce profound and long lasting effects on the body, mind and energy of the recipient. Kahi Loa concentrates on the skin, the body’s largest and oldest organ, and is carried out with the recipient wearing light, natural clothing. Kahi Loa is therefore a massage of gentle, smooth motion, which leads to a state of the Great Unity.

Email or Phone Password Forgot account? The remainder is released back into the blood stream for later excretion, a process that is best supported through drinking plenty of fluids. Timeline Photos 43 photos.

The Hawai’ian belief that Life is made up of seven components is certainly valid.

Kahi Loa – Every day wellness in Christchurch – Kahi Loa

Kahi Loa is one of the ancient Hawaiian systems of bodywork that falls under the general category of Lomi Lomi. This process of development has been ongoing and as time has passed, I discovered that it was like a treasure chest that, once opened, revealed the most beautiful jewel: To further strengthen their kagi force and prevent it from weakening, the Hawai’ians utilised the healing energies of everything that Nature in her generosity provided.

This gentle technique originates in Polynesia and is connected with the Elements as they occur within kayi Hawaiian culture. Massage training for a new career or career development; absolute beginner to experienced loaa. As mentioned earlier, touch was a recognised and accepted form of healing that is probably as old as mankind. It was a considered a sacred process that focused on the god within and the enhancement of innate psychic abilities.

Recipients may feel deeply relaxed and truly loved by nature and their Higher Self. What Kahi Loa is? The skin has a multitude of important functions and is, of course, the home of the Sense of Touch and Feeling — the earliest to develop in humans and animals, including birds. It was considered a sacred healing ceremony, requiring not only total concentration and dedication, but also unconditional love or acceptance and forgiveness Healing was viewed as an ongoing process, known to be accelerated and enhanced through living by certain concepts and associated behaviour.