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Then he leaped from the tower of Thiruvannamalai temple. The Muruga who was the teacher to the god with fully open hairs, Who took the hide of the mountain like elephant with one trunk and two tusks, And wore kadnhar as a dress for himself and also burnt the three cities, The Muruga who has the holy Vel as weapon and was the god of death, To the Soorapadma and clan of asuras told me not live in body with five bhuthas, But asked me to live in a house which no man knows without words and senses.

Some say that is Indra and others say that it is Soorapadma with whom he waged war.

I do not know any way, to control my mind and drive it to your lotus feet, With love and get salvation granted to me and would you send your Vel at me, Similar to the time when you send it and made Soorapadma greatly tremble, And destroy my pride and lift up me, who was involved in sinful acts.

I need the grace of the baby of Him who wears a snake in his hair, I need to salute with love the feet adorned with anklets and kura flowers, With the imbibed feeling of myself, mine and the great pride, And also I should be able remove the attraction of five senses, And also not get worried, and all this cannot be achieved, Unless we are in a state where night and day are not there.

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It describes how Muruga comes into our lives in various roles. Log in Request account. Set as Ringtone, alarm, notification 6.

Rides on a peacock [3] which runs faster then the horse, who churns the guts of Asuras Due to speed generated because of its stirrup which is tightly held, And which is constantly beaten by the whip, And the wind generated by the movement of the wings of that peacock Moves the Meru Mountain and the marching steps of that peacock, Powders kanrhar mountains in all eight directions which sprayed dust, Alangqram which turned even the oceans in to hills of dust.

Arunagiri started singing songs towards Lord Muruga and soon after Lord Muruga appeared in a stone pillar in the form of child. Oh God of death, since my mind is perennially full of the thought of Muruga, Who not getting satiated by drinking milk from the six mothers of the group of stars, Also drank the milk of Goddess Parvathi, to get satiated, And his long sword worn on his hips, small sword held in his hands, And the Vel, please do not come near me and go away, And if you come I would even take your soul away.

Will the tested devotion for reaching and completely attaining, The Lord who taught the Lord who shared his body with the goddess, And God who fought battles with his Vel, prove to be false, And how did I get the wisdom which I got by crying and praising him?.

The holder of the Vel who destroyed the mountain with his Vel, Who cut off the heads of the evil Asuras, And who in his anger dried the entire sea, Taught me all that is needed For removing the ills which can be brought about by five bhuthas, And for silencing voice, for deadening the senses, And for removing the feeling of the body and its actions, And for removing the sensibility of the soul, and removing all tricks, And for removing the end and putting an end to ignorance, And For removing the selfish feeling that everything is mine.

His father died soon after his birth and his mother and sister brought him up in the rich cultural and religious traditions. Alas the four headed Brahma did not give me four thousand eyes, For seeing the nephew of Lord Vishnu and the son of Lord who dances, For seeing the great God of devas and the God of real divine wisdom, And the Velava of Thiruchengode, which is full of farms with chel fishes and gardens.

Drowning, melting, ebbing and twisting in the private parts of a pretty woman?. Like the shadow of the body which does not even provide shade during torrid heat, When you are about to die, the assets that you have will be of no help, And so salute the Lord Muruga who has the shining and sharp Vel, And also share the broken rice that you have with the poor, always.


When the exuberant peacock of lord of Thiruchengode, Which is surrounded by fiends where Chel fishes play, Shouted and hit against the head of Adhisesha, That great snake trembled and beneath the legs of the peacock, Were lots of Manikhya gems, the Lord Vishnu, Who looks after the world and his holy wheel and conch. He decided to end his life, went to the temple hit his head in all the pillars and steps, begging for forgiveness.

Retrieved from ” http: Those who are able to concentrate their thoughts on the feet of Muruga, Whose Vel is ever ready for battle and which kills the floating thoughts, Would loose sense of timing and the sense of attraction to this world, And would immerse themselves in divine thought of the dance of ShivaWith goddess Parvathi keeping the tune and singing herself.

Kandhar Alangaram

Oh nephew of the God who churned the ocean of milk like a top, With the Mandara mountain, tying it with the great serpent Vasuki, Oh precious gem riding on a peacock, would I get a time when, I would get rid of birth, a life of illusion full of suffering and death, And make me one with you and merge me with you and get your grace?.

Oh guard who has the Vel, in the war with Soorapadma, In the tank of blood oozing out of the chests of ghosts and asurasYou jumped, drowned and drank and encouraged the devas, To play in the battle field by sending your Vel, And so please help me to remove the trance of ignorance, In me, who is living in this world full of dishonesty and lies, Which have tied me by foolish deeds and which make me sad. His sister then said “Brother, if you need to have pleasure then please come sleep with me, tomorrow I will get you the money somehow”.

How do I describe it?. He was so bright as equal to hundred of suns and the people were unable to see this with their ordinary eyes. Oh God,who is the saviour who used his Vel, And stopped and saved the devas, From Soorapadma who had with him, All anger, Dandayudha and cruelty, And conquered the earth as well as heaven, Making the devas fall and roll with fear, Please give me your lotus like feet with anklets, With the honey of real wisdom dripping from it Which is neared, smelt and by your devotees.

kandhar alangaram

Oh lustrous light living in the Godly mountain of Thiruchengodu [6]. I crossed the horrible sea of passion which is spread amply, In the private parts resembling the open head of a cobra, In the neck, in the lips which resemble the reddish fruits, In the shoulders resembling bamboo, in the belly button, And in the breasts of the very pretty prostitutes, Due to the grace of the Lord of the tribal girl Valli, Who lives in the slopes of the Valli Mountain, Using the boat of the strong and very stable mind.

That Lord in his position of stability bereft of all desires, Taught me with his grace all that which can be told.

Oh men who do not praise Lord Muruga with the sharp Vel, And spend all your time dancing and praising yourselves, When the war veteran Yama the God of death comes to take away your soul, Would the dresses, jewels, wife who decorates herself with flowers, And bags of money be taken along with you?

When my actions became mute and died, When my mind melted in the lotus like wisdom and ebbed, And when that flood of waters pushed aside my desires, In the great sea of divine wisdom, which was touching both shores, I saw he well arranged six faces along with twelve shoulders, Which was the divine nectar which was extremely sweet.

Towards Lord Kumara with his Vel, and their wisdom, indeed is great!. The Skanda wearing the yellow silk in his waist, With small sharp sword, with red flowers ornamenting his hands, With the flag with cock on it, with his peacock steed, And with his Vel which denotes victory, Would stand before me in the morning as well as allangaram.

Tell this rule to those ignorant ones who forget, The hell hole with raging fire, the pains that one has to undergo there, And the thirst and the pain one has to suffer on the way to place of God of death. Alas, you are destroying yourselves, what to do?. Had this be known to my lord who used his Vel, To make the ocean ebbing with tides shout in sorrow, And also to make the golden coloured Krouncha kadhar weep, He would then definitely chain Lord Brahma for the second time.


Oh mind, please tell the name of Shanmuga, kqndhar is the Lord of Valli, Who was born to a very small dear in the hill slopes, Where the male elephants play with the female elephants, And daily give at least one fist of rice to those who want it, And then eat whatever rice is remaining because, This body which is an illusion will not even be, A fist of ash, when it is burnt after death.

Does he not kndhar the time when his legs were alangram by Kanda? Oh pitiable mind, which does not know that the wealth of great kings, Roaming with their armies riding on Chariot, kandbar, horse and on foot, Would one day will vanish like the letters written on the water, If you depend and salute the group of devotees of Muruga, Who threw is shining Vel on the Krouncha mountain and Soorapadma, You can get protection and definitely not through any other means.

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Oh nephew of the God, who begged for three steps of earth from Mahabali, And took the superior form and his steps touched the highest mountains, Your small steps touch the peacock rushing towards the battlefield, And the heads of devas as well as the book of poems that I wrote.

Arunagiri sang his first devotional song and thereafter decided to spend the rest of his life singing in praise of the god. Can move to SD 8. Even if I have amply drunk the alcohol of passionate love making, Offered by the prostitutes who speak words sweeter than sugar candy, And become tired and weak, I would not ever forget your Vel even for a second, Oh soldier on the horseback who killed Soorapadma accompanied, Alzngaram old ghosts who dance with sounds made from their drums, Such as Dun, Dun, Dudu Dudu, Dundu Dundu and Din, Din.

Oh mind, you do not repeat the name of the holy town Pazhani. Whenever I think of him at any time, the Lord Muruga. High quality Audio 3. She was very sad and said, “Oh brother, I am sorry that there is no money to give you today. They say that this body is similar to the bubbles in water, And when we study well we mandhar wealth is like the streak of lightning, And so we say that those who may away when some one with hunger, Approaches and asks for alms are those who are not having devotion.

Oh God who holds the Vel as his weapon, I would never forget you, Please do come and save me before this house having five organs [7]Built on the foundation of two legs with two hands, perishes.

Oh Lord who was the guardian, who dried the kanhdar bubbling ocean, And made the hiding Soorapadma in the form of a mango tree, Make horrible and very loud sounds and loose his balance, And who broke the tree in to two causing blood to kanhar out with soundAnd who also sent your Vel to break the Krouncha Mountain which was helping him, And who thus saved the devas, please give me your feet more reddish than lotus, So that I would not enter this body which is a lie and get sweet salvation.

The God Velayudha who has a bright dazzle and a Victorious Vel. Oh mind, you wander and spend your time in describing the ladies as, Milk like words, soft cotton like feet and fish like eyes, But not the Vel in the hands of Lord of Thiruchendur, Nor his kadhar steed with wlangaram victory as its feathers, Nor the red flowers that he holds nor his lotus like red feet, Wearing anklets and how can you ever attain salvation?.

The God of the Vel who completed the destruction, Of the Krouncha mountain, in a manner which kndhar strange, Put me, who never thought of giving anything to the needy, In the company of those of his devotees, who were very pure, And because of that this body got freedom from the sorrow of birth, And the rope of attachment which tied my body was also cut. After drinking the milk of Uma who looks like a golden doll, And kanfhar gave birth to the entire world and its beings, After climbing and swinging in the floral cradle of Saravana stream, After drinking the breast milk kanrhar the six Karthiga ladies, Who cries and made cry the sea, Krouncha Mountain and Soorapadma, Can this world calls you the old man [1] of Kurinchi [2] land?.