Keda, a manufacturer of large-scale machinery in China, had successfully deployed an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that was paying for itself. Before ERP implementation efforts began, Keda estab- lished a set of selection criteria by which all possible so- lutions would be judged. This was significant. Keda’s SAP – Download as Powerpoint Presentation .ppt /. pptx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online.

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Implementation was relatively smooth and speedy.

The company generally lacked internal IT expertise, and building a large team for such development would be expensive and time-consuming. For example, competition, both local and Use outside these parameters is a copyright violation. Another challenge faced by Keda and similar enterprises related to inventory management.

Within months of going live, the ERP implementation effort was clearly a great success. It was producing only six machine presses per dap, grossly below the quantity demanded by customers. Why reinvent the wheel? The chairman of the board himself was present at five meetings, four of which dealt with the progress and status of the computerization project.

According to the plan, the ERP implementation project was a priority. This publication may not be transmitted, photocopied, digitized or otherwise reproduced in any form or by any means without the permission of the copyright holder.

We had to devise a data model to support all the operations and workflow. At the same time, selected key users were responsible for preparing imlementation manuals for all users. Not surprisingly, this scheme was not popular. Fortunately, since end users were responsible, they had no excuses. On the lmplementation hand, if they were interested — and they should be given that this is a CNY10 million project! Due implemfntation improved information dissemination, decision quality also improved.

It requires a well established structure and system In the Chinese context, organizational culture is imposed. We had over 30, products. It was not clear how much profit or loss resulted from the sale of a product, nor which part of the product or the production process contributed to that profit or loss.


He also made sure all members had a clear idea of their roles and responsibilities in the project. View our pricing guide or login to see prices. Keda modeled its business after these market leaders and enjoyed rapid growth impleentation the local Chinese market through the s.

For instance, as Tian, the person-in-charge of the materials management MM module, recalled: Previously we produced about six machine presses per month, and faced constant pressure from senior management. They were churning out reports, workflows, etc. In many ways, the challenges had only begun.

Product details

Resistance started to surface once again. By implementing ERP, Keda was strategically positioned to reap the benefits of computerization.

When top management demanded changes, they were accepted. The selected key users then transferred their acquired knowledge and skills to other users.

We used to struggle with machine press production, where delays were common. Riamb, the vendor of the current MRP-II system, had ceased providing maintenance support, making urgent the need for a replacement system. The more indispensible employees were to their department, the more Zhu wanted them on the team. Access this item You must be logged in to access preview copies.

My account New to us? Data was a main issue. Choosing a vendor, however, was not as easy a decision. Some reasoned that if they were required to work with the project team jmplementation had to be away from their offices for five months, and their departments continued to function normally, then they should probably all quit since that proved Authorized for use only by Tianyu Chen in ISYS at San Francisco State University from Sep 01, to Dec 21, Problems surfaced immediately and quickly translated into production delays.


Such a comprehensive technology plan had many complexities. Rather, needs were addressed as they emerged. Because most prominent ERP systems were originally developed for users in North America and Western Europe in mind, some had suggested that cultural complications might arise in implementtion Chinese setting.

Recent years had seen China encouraging innovation in local enterprises, in an effort to catch up with foreign firms.


After one month, he could not cope anymore and decided to bypass the ERP system. This arrangement was highly effective as no one wanted to be embarrassed! The plan provided detailed analyses of each project, including objectives, expected investments and benefits, feasibility in terms of factors such as staffing and technology requirements, risks and alternative solutions.

Such a goal cannot be attained by simply increasing labor hours. Keda had a large backlog of other information technology IT projects waiting in the pipeline, and Zhu wanted to carefully evaluate the SAP project to determine what had been done right, what had gone wrong and what Keda had gotten away with due to blind luck.

KEDA SAP Implementation by Vishal Joshi on Prezi

There was no way the IT department alone could have achieved so much. At that time, Dr. We spent a lot of implementztion taking stock and renumbering stock codes so as to ensure data accuracy in the new system.

According to Tian, if discussions among departmental representatives did not result in an acceptable compromise, the matter would escalate to the project management staff who would try to balance the way users wanted to work with the way the system was designed to work.