Sangat Ji, I need a PDF of Guru Granth Sahib Ji in larivaar. I know there is one I used to have it, . May I please get pdf copy of Lareewar SGGS Ji. My Email is. Offcourse, as many point out and also i mean this, Larivaar is the way .. I will look at all of if you have seen SGGS on internet. Home › Ang. Share on Whatsapp; Copy URL. Display FontੳਅLarivaar. sRI gurU gRMQ swihb jI – AMg Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji – Ang nwrwiex sB mwih .

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Sikhi’s founder, Guru Nanak, was born in He aligned with no religion.

SGGS PDF | Croydon Gurdwara

Guru Nanak laid the foundation, infused his own consciousness into a disciple, who then became Guru, subsequently passing the light on to the next and finally to Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji and larivaxr Khalsa. Please do not downvote things you “disagree” with. Only downvote things that are counterproductive to the discussion. The Guru Granth Sahib begins with the number 1, symbolising only 1 God, and also ends with the number 1. If we look deeper stgs it, we could say everything in this world, the universe, began with Waheguru and ends with him.

Onkar is the joining of two words, On and karmeaning everything and creator respectively. Putting all the components together Ik Larviaar means ‘the one creator of everything. This also indicates he is a compassionate and loving entity.

He has a timeless image, his is now how he was billions of years ago. He is not subject to time and thus, it doesn’t change or affect his form, unlike us. Now, there’s controversy over where the Mool Manthar ends, some end it here while others complete the next couplet.

I recite the longer one, but I don’t want to push my views down to anyone so feel free to choose whatever you like. Its literal meaning means ‘recite’. All of gurbani is written in a form of poetry, the gurus and saints talked with themselves to understand ideas or used it as a medium to communicate with Waheguru.


The gurus discovered that music and poetry was one of the most effective ways of communicating and spreading ideas and that is why we see the utilisation of over 60 scales throughout the SGGS. All of gurbani, except the Mool Mantar, also rhymes making it more logical to be sung.

This brings an end to the first part of our journey. Just the Mool Mantar has an immense and unbelievable amount of depth to it, we can explore this if we all discuss it down in the comments. Feel free to also leave feedback and correct me if I have commited any mistake. The Mool Mantar is my inspiration for studying Gurbani. Such a simple truth, that is hard to express in words at least in my native American English summed up in such beauty.

It puts the Nicaen and Apostoles Creeds of my youth to shame. I don’t think JapJi Sahib has a raag. Most other banis have the raag at the start. Here is another rendition of the Mool Mantar that I really enjoy.

For Jap Ji and the larger bania and shabads I’ll do pauris otherwise just shabads. I did the mool mantar separately because of its depth. This is a pretty well studied portion of the SGGS. So many different ways to understand it, all probably true depending on where you are at.

For instance, your interpretation reads “gurprasad” as “obtained through the blessings of the Guru”. Another, and completely viable interpretation is to see that the SGGS frequently calls god the Guru and thus understand gurprasad to mean “revealed through God’s grace”. Did Guru Nanak refer to himself as “Guru”? In bani, he refers to himself plainly as “Nanak” and to God as “Guru”.

Larivaar Saroop of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji

But I think its defensible for some sikhs to read it as referring to their connection with the Guru: After all if you see the Sikh gurus as our channel through which gods word arrives, then its through their work that you get connected to the divine. Here is a great quote from “The Guru in Sikhism” from W.

Though each Sikh could experience God as immanent, through grace, as Nanak himself had, for many that grace seemed to be bestowed by the human preceptor. And larivaxr no specific number or time limit of how much you have to do. It said, you can never read enough gurbani; you can read it in your spare time, before bed, in the car etc. If you shgs, I can post larivaar continuous katha for each ang so far I can find the katha until ang He also does very, very good katha on SGGS, but because the recordings are old the sound eggs isn’t very good.


People fluent in punjabi could listen to those as they definitely laeivaar more ideas when looking at shabads. I had a Nanaksar Gutka with translations.

Although I find larlvaar to katha easier, it’s deeper. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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Bhul Jhuk Mwaaf Next. Want to add to the discussion? What raag was the Mool Mantar originally composed in?

,arivaar that it includes [rough] translations. In the end, the meanings are non-contradictory I’ll be getting that book. Are there any limitations on number of times, days, or time of days, to use this mantra? I’m using Bhai Vir Singh Ji’s teeka so there shouldn’t be any conflicting ideas. Should I post the puratan katha as well as the newer one? Maybe when an Ang is completed then?