A ferociously cool Cold War thriller from the author of The Ipcress Deighton’s third novel has become a classic, as compelling and suspenseful now . (Editor’s note: This is the ninth installment in our ongoing Friday blog series highlighting great but forgotten books. Today’s selection comes. Funeral in Berlin, UK first edition now – see photo) on the first editions has a photo of Len Deighton and Michael Caine from The Ipcress File movie shoot.

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Retrieved from ” https: Deightonn giving too much away these differences may sound petty, but as you pull the thread on the 2 plots they do go in different directions. Nov 28, Colin Harding rated it really liked it. Twinkle Berlln Little Spy. Shadows of the war, lost Nazi money and Cold War politics all make for a highly enjoyable read.

Funeral in Berlin, UK first edition The cocktail cabinet was in the corner.

The Deighton Dossier

Kept me guessing; a classic spy novel. East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion. Sep 12, Stewart Sternberg rated it it was amazing. A game in which the blood-stained legacy of Nazi Germany is enmeshed in the intricate moves of cold war espionage. The whole of this novel, like Deighton’s first two, revolves around things not being quite what they seem, right up to the ending with its particularly surprising revelations.

In this slightly more forgiving book the similes also seem less incongruous, more of a piece with the humour. But ‘Harry’ starts thinking: I walked out along the moonlit sea front. To ask other readers berin about Funeral in Berlinplease sign up. Posted by Simon on September 14, https: However, in no case is there any promise given that a book will be the subject of an endorsement or review, either positive or negative.

Anyway, a good and complex spy story about bringing a Russian defector over to the west.

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I understand from wikipedia that there was a court case and this paragraph was removed from later editions.

But that is the story at its simplest. I play chess pretty well so was mildly interested in some of them, but they added nothing to my enjoyment and, as far as I could see, lej to the meaning of the story so, like the horoscopes, I learned to ignore them The plot The ,en unnamed, first-person narrator from The Ipcress Filesame boss — Dawlish — as in Horsesame secretary and staff in the same dingy Charlotte Street office.


Only when you look up the cars mentioned in the text do you realise how antiquated they are, how distant that world is, how long ago it all was.

The basic premise is that the main character, Harry Salzman, a British operative, is in Berlin trying to arrange for the smuggling of a British scientist from the East through the Berlin wall back to the West.

Via old leen the narrator realises Champion is active again, but working for Arabs who are planning some kind of attack on Israel and which the narrator must foil. In particular, the ‘funeral in Berlin’ of the title plays out very differently, so differently you could see the movie and consider much of the book unspoiled. Deighton’s writing is taut and funny although he has a tendency ib be overly descriptive and rely on simile. Rap Sheet logo by David Middleton. The plot is complicated, there are numerous devastating plot twists, and a shocker reveal at the end.

In FIB interesting to wonder whether this acronym is purposeful Deighton sets out his short, quick witted chapters as chess moves which make both funny metaphors and add a dimension of cool to the scenes — ironically so cool they made me take up chess again I’m too easily influenced. Books by Reighton Deighton. Though the original publication date of this book is listed asand the Michael Caine film of “The Ipcress File” is listed as release, the unnamed protagonist in this work is certainly recognizable as Caine’s ‘Harry Palmer’, right down to the eyeglasses.

Ch 17 I walked out along the moonlit sea front. First published inFuneral in Berlin seemed to have been ripped directly from berlun headlines. Well written, with rich and often amusing descriptions, great eye for detail. Therefore the entire scientist-smuggling operation was, for Vulkan, purely a pretext to get his hands on a set of British government-authenticated identity papers in the name of Brouma.


Funeral in Berlin – Wikipedia

Our hero is tasked with arranging the defection of a Soviet agent named Semitsa, and there is plenty of double- and triple-crossing by the various personalities involved. This is what I’ve always liked about Deighton’s work, and a styl As ever with Len Deighton, this rattles along at a good old pace, but rush it at your peril. April Learn how and when to remove this template message. The most sympathetic character, as far as Palmer is concerned, is a Russian KGB colonel; for him, the distinction in the espionage business is between professionals and amateurs, rather than between friends and enemies.

Write a customer review. This is the ninth installment in our ongoing Friday blog series highlighting great but forgotten books. Then there is the femme fatale, Samantha Steel, and the playboy fixer Johnnie Funera, who is brokering kn deal. He takes the Narrator to a deigyton night display in a bombed-out vacant lot near Gloucester Road.

The Rap Sheet: The Book You Have to Read: “Funeral in Berlin,” by Len Deighton

This is exponentially better than the first two books. The fire service always suffers casualties, the casualty wards in hospitals are overworked.

And what of the plot of Funeral in Berlin? A man in a Mini shouted ‘You stupid bastard! Overall, the plot has twists and turns and surprises that keep you guessing how it all fits together.

There is NO funeral in Berlin, as such, in the text. In comparison, James Bond is almost never surprised by villains who are supposed to be on the same side as him. Buy Books Online Amazon. This really is like a game of chess with our hero trying not to be a pawn sacrificed in the game. John Le’ Carre, here I come again!