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Old-age, invalidity and survivors benefit. Peru – Old-age, invalidity and survivors benefit – Law, Act. Peru – Old-age, invalidity and survivors benefit – Regulation, Decree, Ordinance. La Derrama Universitaria creada de conformidad con el art.

Decreto Supremo TR por el que se nota el reglamento del decreto-ley relativo al sistema nacional de pensiones de seguridad social. Quedan derogados en particular los arts. Philippines – Old-age, invalidity and survivors benefit – Law, Act.

Expanded Senior Citizen Act of R. An Act granting addition benefits and privileges to senior citizens, further amending Republic Act No. Amends article of the Labor Code by reducing the retirement age of mine workers from 60 to 50 years.

Amends article of Presidential Decree No. Philippines – Old-age, invalidity and survivors benefit – Regulation, Decree, Ordinance. Effective 1 Maythe total permanent disability pensioners of the social security system SSS shall be entitled to a monthly supplemental pension of three hundred pesos, without requiring additional contributions from members.

Philippines – Old-age, invalidity and survivors benefit – Miscellaneous circular, directive, legal notice, instruction, etc. Provides for insurance coverage for local government officials who do not receive a fixed salary or compensation. The coverage extends to cases of sickness, injury, disability and death. Amends the definition of “wages” or “salary” in paragraph w of s. Policy and Definitions Chapter II.

Poland – Old-age, invalidity and survivors benefit – Law, Act. Amendment to the Act on supplying war and military invalids and their families: Amendment to the Act on pre-retirement benefits: Further articles concern principles of social benefits indexation.

The goal of the Act is to reset retirement age: Amendments to subsequent Acts concern resetting of retirement age at that level. Act of 6 October to amend: Act on promotion of employment and on labour market institutions and Act on pre-retirement benefits Text No. Amendment to the Act on promotion of employment and on labour market institutions: Act of 11th September on elderly people Text No.

Ustawa z dnia 11 wrzesnia r. The Act defines the scope of monitoring and information transmitting about the situation of older persons.

Defines also entities involved in the above task and the source of their financing. Poland – Old-age, invalidity and survivors benefit – Regulation, Decree, Ordinance.

Regulation of the Minister of Labour and Social Policy of 14th January concerning social rehabilitation activities in social welfare homes for people suffering from mental disorders Text No. Rozporzadzenie Ministra Pracy i Polityki Spolecznej z dnia 14 stycznia r. Regulation sets out rules for: Introduces amendments regarding professional inactivity before 4 June as a result of political repressions art.


Ley 23908 onp pdf file

Amends article pertaining to the calculation of social insurance allowance, when the insured person has only been insured for part of the calendar year. For the purpose of allowances calculation the leh monthly salary is used. Amends article 9 when determining the entitlements to benefits, periods of labour on the territory being leg the old part of Poland and also forced labour is taken into consideration.

Act of 23 November amending certain Acts in relation to increasing the retirement age Text 239008. Ustawa z dnia 23 listopada r. The Act introduces subsequent amendments mostly in numbering to the following Acts in relation to the increase of the retirement age: Act promulgating the Teachers’ Charter. Act respecting workers employed in State institutions. Act of 28 September on Treasury Inspection.

Act of 23 December on the Supreme Chamber of Control. Act of 29 August on court bailiffs and execution. Act of 27 July on Law of the Common Courts. Act of 27 July on Probation officers Article Act of 6 September on Pharmaceutical Law.

Maritime Code of 18 September Article Act of 3 July on Aviation Ldy. Social Assistance Act of 12 March Article Act on National Labour Inspectorate Article Act of 21 November on Civil Lley. Act of 27 August on Customs Service. Act of 18 March to amend Higher Education Law, Act on Academic degrees and titles,and Degrees and Titles in the field of art and amending certain other acts.

Social Support Centres are required to pay outstanding retirement contribution for persons under their direct care. Ustawa z dnia 11 maja r. The below amendments are related to the increase in retirement age: Incorporates changes in regard to the increase in the retirement age. Further amendments regulate the method of pensions from the Social Insurance Fund calculations and entitlement to such benefit. Pey to the Act of 20 June on prosecutor’s office.

Deals with professional activity when reaching the retirement age of 67, in this case carrying on with duties is subjected to the general prosecutor’s approval. Similar approvals are required in Military Prosecutor’s office. Incorporates changes with regard to the increase of the retirement age. Adds new sub-sections 19 1a and 1b dealing with adjusted retirement age for women and men respectively born in different years. When computing the retirement 239088 the periods of disabled benefits allowance is to be included in the calculation.

Amendments to the Act of 21 August concerning Military Courts. Makes changes to the retirement age concerning judges. Amendment to the Act of 13 October on the social insurance system. Makes changes in relation to the increase in retirement age. Amendments to the Act lry Common courts. Amendments to the Act of 30 October on benefits in case of occupational accident or disease occurring in particular circumstances.

Calculation of the spending for occupational accident prevention. Amendments to the Act on Supreme Court.


ley onp pdf reader – PDF Files

Amendments to the Act of 20 April on promotion of employment and on labour market institutions, related to the retirement age elevation. Amendment to the Act of 30 April on early retirement. Amendments to the Act on funded pensions. Amendments to the Act of 19 December on Bridge Pensions. Amendments to the Act of 22 May on the teachers’ compensation benefits. Ustawa z dnia 19 grudnia r. This Act deals with the conditions for the acquisition and loss of pension rights and compensation for certain employees working in special conditions or of a special nature as provided in art.

Chapter 1 – General Provisions Chapter 2 – Terms of the 233908 acquisition and loss to early retirement Chapter 3 – Compensation Chapter 4 – Rules in matters of early retirement Chapter 5 – Organization and operation of the Early Retirement Fund Chapter 6 – Principles and procedures for payment of Early Retirement Fund and the principles of early retirement funding Chapter 7 – Responsibilities of the Social Security and contributors for creating and maintaining a central registry of jobs and employees performing 223908 under special conditions or special character Chapter 8 – Amendments to the existing legislation Chapter 9 – Transitional and final provisions.

Act of 21 November on funded pension schemes Ustawa z dnia 21 listopada r. General provisions Chapter 2. Types of pension schemes and rules of acquiring rights to benefit Chapter 3.

Rules and conditions of granting pension benefit Chapter 4. Rules of determining the amount and mode of payment leey pension benefit Chapter 5. Amendments to the existing regulations, transitional and final provisions. Amends article 15 of the previous Act of regarding evaluation of individual contributions to lej pension fund. Act of 7 September amending the Act on retirement pensions and other pensions from the Social Insurance Fund pensions, and some other Acts Text No. Amendments to the conditions of granting retirement pensions for certain professions teachers and miners.

Act of 29 March amending the Act on war weterans and some victims of war and postwar repression and the Act on the income tax of physical persons Text No. Minor changes regarding veterans leh and liquidation of the State Veterans Fund.

Act of 16 Februaryamending the Act on retired persons and pensioners benefiting from financial aid, and persons benefiting from early retirement schemes, and some other Acts Text No. Amendements to the existing Act of 20 Mayon retirement schemes and early retirement and other related regulations. Law of 12 Januaryamending the Law on organization and operation of pension funds Text No The Act amends paragraphs 48 4 and 50 e 2 of the Act with respect to mine workers.