The Abduction from the Seraglio = Die Entführung aus dem Serail (libretto) . background, performance history, discography, pictures); Lohengrin (libretto. This is an index of libretto pages in the Internet known to me. . e i Montecchi ( Libretti d’Opera); I Capuleti e i Montecchi (Kareol, Italian/Spanish) Das Liebesverbot (Kareol, German/Spanish); Lohengrin (Opera Guide. Lohengrin, WWV 75 (Wagner, Richard) piano (arr); For harp, piano (arr); Scores featuring the harp; For harp (arr). Related Works, Pieces based on ‘ Lohengrin’.

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Some draw water from the well in metal vessels, knock on the portal of the Palas and are let in. ELSA still offstage Ortrud, where are you?

Arranger Pierre Gouin – Contact. I was joyless, merely lamenting the misfortune that has long troubled my family. Bagdemagus broke his own spear against his enemy’s armour.

Der deine, sag, itliano sollte hier ihn kennen, vermagst du selbst den Namen nicht zu nennen! People stare at one another questioningly ALL What do they bring? Your sword, your sword! Sit down beside me!

Lohengrin – Bayreuther Festspiele

The King declares that he cannot resolve the matter and will leave it to God’s judgment through ordeal by combat. Ortrud warns Elsa that since she knows nothing about her rescuer, he could leave at any time as suddenly as he came, but Elsa is sure of the Knight’s virtues. The laws of the Holy Grail say that Knights of the Grail must remain anonymous. The sun rises and the lohengtin assemble. He who fights for it would be wagering a great deal! Elsa is standing in front of Lohengrin, who has his back turned to the room, and sees Friedrich and his four men appear through a back door with swords drawn ELSA Save yourself!


Elsa – Itqliano schlecht ihr des Gerichtes wahrtet, das doch die Ehre mir benahm, – da eine Frag ihr lohengrln erspartet, als er zum Gotteskampfe kam! Elsa tells both of them that Ortrud was interrupting the ceremony.

One day Elsa took the boy to the wood for a walk, but she returned without him; feigning concern she asked after her brother, for, having strayed a little from his side, she could not, so she said, find him libretyo.

Lohengrin, WWV 75 (Wagner, Richard)

We must be parted, separated: Hail to your origin, Protector of the meek! Vom Hintergrunde her verbreitet sich der Ruf: Arranger Alexander Wenger Telramund secretly draws the four noblemen aside and assures them that he will regain his position and stop the Knight, by accusing him of sorcery.

He disembarks, dismisses the swan, respectfully greets the king, and asks Elsa if she will have him as her champion and marry him. Her great abilities as to singing lohengrun her playing will undoubtedly give the part a strong dramatic accent.

Doors are opened This sweet-smelling room, decked for love, now takes you in, away from the splendour. Elsa looks at Friedrich and Ortrud, shudders, bows her head sadly and nods What have you to say against the charge? As the people surge forward with joy, four nobles, Friedrich’s former liegemen, appear in the foreground. Your men await you, O leader!

Do I rightly recognise the power that brought you to this land, do you come to us as one sent by God? pibretto

Never again will a knight of your stature return to these ljbretto In einem Jahr, wenn deine Zeit im Dienst zu Ende sollte gehn, – dann durch des Grales Macht befreit, wollt ich dich anders wiedersehn! Now see what dreadful recompense she pays my goodness: Grafen, Edle, Freie von Brabant!

Elsa kneels and prays that God may send her champion to her. How could that happen? Nur eines seh ich mahnend vor mir stehn: A dove descends from heaven and, taking the place of the swan at the head of the boat, leads Lohengrin to the castle of the Holy Grail. Liszt chose the date in honour of Weimar’s most famous citizen, Johann Wolfgang von Goethewho was born on 28 August Arranger Johannes Snoer Telramund’s supporters advise him to withdraw because he cannot prevail against the Knight’s powers, but he proudly refuses.


SCENE FOUR A long procession of ladies dressed in splendid garments slowly emerges from the door and moves onto the balcony; the procession turns left past the Palas before moving forwards again towards the minster. How his armour shines! Dein Schwert, dein Schwert!

The day will come when I am robbed of you because you regret your love for me! ORTRUD He must have been beguiled by some unhappy madness to have accused you, the innocent one, of a crime – now his heart is torn by remorse, he is damned to grim repentance! Now shall he answer the charge; if he can, then I received just punishment – but if he cannot, you shall see that his innocence is not what it seems!

Contents 1 Performances 1. Lohengrin sees it; with a look of gratitude he jumps up and frees the swan of the chain, whereupon it sinks beneath lohegnrin waves. Als Zeuge meiner Busse bleibe hier! Be near my ardent heart, that the eyes in which I saw all ligretto happiness may shine libetto me softly!