By Eva Ibbotson, , European Historical Romance (Vienna, ) Magic Flutes is Ibbotson’s second novel, and showcases all of what. Summary: A story encompassing a millionaire born in dubious circumstances, a beautiful social-climbing young woman, a delightfully. Magic Flutes. Romance and intrigue make this lyrical historical adventure an unputdownable read! When a British millionaire sets out to buy a secluded fairy tale.

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Mahic just ended up a bit too mwgic, any misunderstandings were cleared up too quickly, and although I magoc out really liking Guy, I ended up bored with him about halfway through. I also enjoyed reading about Austria in the early 20th century. Nov 24, Candi Criddle rated it really liked it Shelves: Her romances are all that ibbootson sweet coming of age should be, only not sickly or saccharine, but tinged with a caustic humour, a wonderful sense of place and time, rich descriptions, real and relatable heroines, tragi-comic plots, dark plots and flawed, honourable and dee I was suffering from a terrible book hangover – four DNF and one crime book I managed to read but without enjoyment.

See 1 question about The Reluctant Heiress…. No, this was less of romance and more of, well When I flipped through the book at the library the cover told me this was the story of beautiful dark eyed princess who has shrugged off her royal duties and taken up the life of theatre and how she meets and falls in love with a handsome and rich English businessman.

I like her blend of simple storytelling mixed with delicious description, only in this case I found the description began magi detract from the story. Ibbotson wrote this book in honor of her husband who had died just before she wrote ita former naturalist.

Natchez Literary and Cinema Celebration. I recommend to start with one of her best in my opinion: Tessa, or Putzerl as she is known to her family and friends, is a young member of a class of people who had been far above the common people, her friends, family and ibbottson are princes, archduchesses and barons.

I think I have read too many of her books in too short of time. She called him Farne after the islands she had visited as a child. Sep 28, Alia rated it it was amazing. These books, set primarily in the Austrian countryside, display the author’s love for nature and all things natural.


Rowling [ Nancy Stouffer ], but unlike her, Ibbotson says she would ‘like to shake her [Rowling] by the hand. They first meet at an opera performance where Tessa is working as an assistant.

But if you were to count the pages in the book it’s probably about a These are romance that are set during a time when the approach to romance was all about courting, dowries and engagement announcements.

I liked all of the characters and loved the story.

Magic Flutes : Eva Ibbotson :

For at once came the age-old cry of lovers since time began. Magic Flutes Reader Reviews In addition to our Lovereading expert opinion some of our Reader Review Panel were evw lucky enough to read and review this title. I think we all borrow from each other as writers’. Has all the mon Alright, I really like this author but enough is enough.

I wish they had a few more scenes together. Nov 06, Klancy Hoover rated it liked it. The remarkable thing about this unbreakable grip Ibbotson’s books have on me is that the main characters are the same from book rlutes book, which you’d think would get boring.

I loved all of the art and music that were found in this book, it made this such an enchanting read. She has left home and works, incognito, in a struggling theatre company as the under wardrobe mistress. Although a princess, she believes in the equality of all people and works, unpaid, for an opera company, in a wholehearted effort to support this branch of the arts she loves.

But in the end, their true love triumphs. The industrialist who buys the palace in The Reluctant Heiress, for example, is kind and respectful toward the two aging, unmarried women who have lived their all their lives.

Magic Flutes by Eva Ibbotson — All About Romance

Open Preview See a Problem? Jan 04, Jenne rated it it was amazing. The author obviously knows classical music and opera. A story encompassing a millionaire born in dubious circumstances, a beautiful eeva young woman, a delightfully egalitarian princess, a fairytale castle, and a struggling theatre company, all placed in Vienna.


The Reluctant Heiress

But secret lives can be complicated. Help Marco the Fox navigate his journey through the maze! I liked the main couple Guy and Tessa in fflutes book, but the minor characters stole the show.

Every single last bit of it. But their most admirable trait is always how there’s not a mean bone in their body and how they are never ever snobs despite their status.

Guy and Tessa are quite real which makes the story more precious. Magif — as with all Eva Ibbotson’s books — there were references I didn’t get “the hands of an Altendorfer Madonna on a painting spree”, anyone? Tessa is an Austrian princess, but she is a strong republican and all she really wants to do ibbotso her life is work in the theater and help to make operas.

But I loved the story. Yet these characters live as surely as the hero and heroine. Tessa is a poor Austrian princess, who would rather dedicate her time to Opera than to the duty of marriage. Ibbotson worships at the altar of beauty far too much to resist lambasting those who put even more time, money and effort into creating something ugly than into creating something beautiful.

She must have a better thesaurus than I do Tessa was born and bred the Princess of Pfaffenstein but is now a republican and working backstage at a Vienna opera company for free because she loves music so much. I know she was trying to write fitting to the time period, but I just really didn’t like it.

May 03, Kate Quinn rated it really liked it.

Eva Ibbotson

And now I have read the fifth. Guy Farne, the self-made millionaire, comes to buy castle Pfaffenstein, making it possible for Tessa to continue pursuing her work with the opera. I have to say, it took me a while to get into this book.