Manna from Heaven by Roger Zelazny – book cover, description, publication history. This new collection includes all five previously uncollected “Amber” stories, plus the prologue from the rare limited edition of “The Trumps of Doom,” and 16 other . This new collection includes all five previously uncollected “Amber” stories, plus the prologue from the rare limited edition of Trumps of Doom, and 16 other.

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Each story was interesting and enjoyable, especially “Coming To A Cord,” which is told from the perspective of an intelligent, animate, uh, length of string.

Manna from Heaven

Jan 12, Ron rated it did not like it. This new collection includes all five previously uncollected “Amber” stories, plus the prologue from the rare limited edition of Trumps of Doomand 16 other fantasy and science fiction stories including a collaboration with Harlan Ellison.

This story also introduces us to the Shroudlings, a race Zelazny had apparently planned to include in future novels. LovelyGirl rated it liked it Oct 30, Lee Betonklotz rated it it was amazing May 26, zelasny Having never read any of the five before, I found it bittersweet to see not only explanations to some of the more obvious outstanding questions from the Amber novels, but also to see the clear foundations for what could and likely would have become a new Amber series had Zelazny only lived to write it.


This book let me see what else he is capable of, and I loved most of it. Zelazny is the author of the Amber series, which I’ve read and reviewed here in the past. Starhawk rated it really liked it Feb 18, This is a collection of short stories from the master of sci-fi, notable for having all of the last stories from Amber. A zelaznj of short stories by a master. Nov 28, Daniel rated it it was amazing Shelves: Overall, it was very enjoyable.

No eBook available Amazon.

Zelazny was one of my favourite authors, but all the good stories here were ones I had read before. I know just what he means! Liam rated it liked it Dec 29, Highly recommended for all “Amber” and Zelazny.

If you like Roger Zelazny’s work, definitely add this book to your reading list. In the introduction, writer Steven Brust glows and gushes about Zelazny’s genius, praising his ability to “simultaneously conf This book of short stories is a mixed bag, but well worth reading if you’ve enjoyed Zelazny’s other work.

Many of Zelazny’s stories, though–and the ones in this collection in particular–are purposely obtuse at the beginning so it’s easier to just embrace the confusion and still enjoy the ride. hsaven

Manna from Heaven – Wikipedia

Scott rated it liked it Dec 28, No trivia or quizzes yet. David rated it really liked it May 27, One of the stories here is “Mana from Heaven” but the extra “n” changes the meaning entirely. Manna from Heaven is a collection of stories that were previously published in magazines.


I have to admit that a few of the short pieces they range from a third of a page to 37 pages in length left me shaking my head, glancing back at zelaznyy passages, and generally asking “wha’appen? Zelazny continued to write excellent short stories throughout his career.

It was clear that Zelazny had more to say about Amber and its counterpart world, Chaos, and there are hints here at new intrigues, twists and turns that the author would never have the chance to explore. Manna from Heaven The Chronicles of Amber And no, that’s not paradoxical, that’s just Zelazny. Roger Zelazny was born in Euclid, Ohio on May 13, This was hard to get, and quite expensive.

The Amber stories left me a bit melancholy, though. I admire how even in stories where the characters are secondary to the point being made that they still have personalities and subtleties that aren’t at all necessary but without which the stories would feel overly didactic.