it must be introduced including these interruptions (or not introduce it but include its self-weight manually), so the program can assign it its corresponding. The most complete tool for Project Management: bills of quantities, project certifications and specifications. CYPECAD MEP is a program for the analysis, design and check of building IFC files generated by CAD/BIM programs; Export to IFC format; Manual data entry.

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CYPECAD Modules Steel columns Steel beams Joist floor manjal generic concrete joists Joist floor slabs in-situ, precast and steel Timber joist floor slabs Waffle slabs Flat slabs Punching shear verification Also operates as an independent program Composite slabs Hollow core slabs Post-tensioned concrete slabs for buildings Shear walls Reinforced concrete walls Plane stress walls Stairs Mat foundations and foundation beams Concrete block walls Interaction of the structure with the construction elements Automatic job introduction: The view-only mode is accessed when the user does not have an Arquimedes or Arquimedes and Job Control license.

INDEX Purchase management module options Purchase groups and Job supplies Contract supplies Requests and reception of offers Purchase comparatives Generate contracts Payments to subcontractors and other suppliers Arquimedes versions and modules Related programs.

To help users, within the dialogue where the purchase cypee is viewed, the lowest prices are displayed in green and the highest in red. This is the case of buildings, whose ground floor is destined arqimedes be used as retail precincts, and are, generally, irregularly stiff, causing them to be weaker at that floor.

Punching shear verification Punching shear verification is a program that checks the Failure Limit State of concrete for punching shear in srquimedes and waffle slabs exposed to concentrated loads from rectangular or circular supports.

Arquimedes and Job control. Its use guarantees maximum analysis reliability and the best drawing design, including the following elements: Using the Job parameters option, prices for each unit concept are not introduced, it is only used to configure the structure of the parameter.

In this case, before deleting the “cad” directory, if there are any files which you wish to keep, copy them to a safe place. Some conventional price banks parametric or not in FIEBDC-3 format contain specifications which are available for construction management programs, including Arquimedes, to read and print.


State 1, corresponding to the behaviour of the structure without the effect of any construction elements, and State 2 considering the effect of all the laterally confined construction elements by including their stiffness in the dynamic model and assuming they are completely effective, i. Inclined slabs are simple to introduce as only arquijedes inclined plane has to be defined.

Comparisons between bills of quantities Allows for several bills of quantities offers to be compared simultaneously, hence, any variances in their quantities, prices or amounts can be seen.

More information can be found on the Fire resistance check webpage. A unit concept labour, machinery, material, unclassified unit or unjustified job item can have multiple prices, i. As has been indicated previously, it is those buildings whose ground floor is for retail use that, generally, have a stiffness irregularity, making them weaker at that floor. This way manua are available for each installation without the need of cyep to define them several times.

The improvement provided by this new tool is that the analysis itself tells us directly which floor is soft, arwuimedes the designer having to establish it before the analysis.

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When CYPECAD carries out a seismic analysis, the program takes into account the capacity design criteria for concrete beams and columns of some specific design codes. The same modules as for Arquimedes and Job Control are available: Upon activating this option, a dialogue box appears with the same name.

The manuao graph displays the total shear per floor produced by the seismic loadcase for each stiffness state that has been considered.

Over 1, xrquimedes make up the extensive construction detail library on steel, concrete, mixed and inclined slab elements, available to include in the drawings generated by the program.

The program also generates complete justification reports of the analysis method used, and verifies that the seismic design criteria are met in accordance with the national and international codes. This slope is then assigned to panels that have been previously introduced horizontally and hence avoiding a complex 3D introduction.

Performs a seismic analysis of the structure Modal Spectral Analysis according to national and international codes. The program considers several behavioural models of the building corresponding to the different situations or states of these elements.


When there is a non-uniform distribution between floors of the stiffness associated with the partitions, the horizontal forces have a greater impact on the columns belonging to the floors with less stiffness, producing shear forces arquimfdes a high magnitude in the columns. Quantity adjustments and certification adjustments are possible, including any details used.

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The export to IFC format includes the different types of joists reinforced, prestressed, in situ, steel and open-web joists present in joist floor slabs. In this case, users must ensure that the order of the prices coincides with the contents of the list. As of that moment, the construction element no longer provides any stiffness and the distribution of the forces in the arauimedes changes.

The non-uniform stiffness distribution between floors causes there to be greater forces acting on the columns of the less rigid manuaal, giving rise to fragile fractures if the elements have not been designed accordingly. These reports contain all the checks carried out by the program to design the structures and constitute an important document with which the user can:.

Users have up to 5 different types of marking available to clearly identify those job items which are pending revision. This table can be copied from any file format used by the suppliers to send their offers spreadsheet, word processor, PDF The “usr” directory if you activate the option to also delete all the CYPE program configuration files.

The Interaction of the structure with the construction elements module allows users to consider the effect the non-structural elements have on the structure during an earthquake and as of the More information can be found on the webpages: This option opens a dialogue box where user can choose which elements are to be arquomedes.

Obtain the cracking and progressive fracture states. Building frames with rolled and welded steel I sections Joints V. This process is repeated successively for each seismic loadcase that is considered. Floors can be copied or grouped, which saves a lot of time when there are floors which are the same or similar to one another.